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Anyone use Bikemaster Rotors or other cheaper front rotors?

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  • Anyone use Bikemaster Rotors or other cheaper front rotors?

    I never spare expense when it come to my bikes but I only put a couple hundred miles a year on my bike unfortunately. So basically I'm looking for reasonably priced rotors for my R. Any recommendations or brands to stay away from?

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    I'm a motorcycle service, and we use many time China brake discs from ebay.
    We order from Mfactory.
    This is good quality, fitting is ok. Not problem the road use or sometime racetrack.
    Many of my friends use this Mfactory discs wit TLS or TLR or Hayabusa or GSX-R1000.
    I use Braking STX discs, but the price is horrible...
    We alternative use this one(from China):


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      You might want to try Speed King. He used to carry reman'ed stock rotors.


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        I have a set of stock ones. Very nice shape.
        Only have 5,000 miles on them.
        Pm me with your email if you are interested, happy to send pics.

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