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  • Miss fire

    Hey guys my 97 tls has started to misfire if the revs drop below 3000 RPM, If I pull the clutch rev it away it goes again . No fault codes any help would be greatly appreciated.and it does seem to run rich.

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    Rich running = plug killer. First thing I would do is get it warmed up. Turn it off. Remove old plugs and put new ones in and take it for a ride.(plugs and your time is cheap) If the problem is still there you need to look at plug leads, then coils...... (Mine on my R was about 1 turn away from the cap and lead parting company!), then further along the ignition system. Some of the electrical geniuses on here will chime in and tell you what else to look for.


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      crank trigger.....
      and substitution is the only real proof

      It never ceases to amaze why people ask for advice then when I give it they either ignore it or argue against it.
      But then I don't know all that much about TL's

      wwjd.......what would jimmy do.


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        Check your coil connections on the coils as well... Sounds like that might be the issue...
        Southern Division Coach