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  • Blue smoke

    First post here .....
    this is my 2nd tlr it's a 03 with 14k miles,
    the bike had been stored for 3 years before I bought it..
    after completely cleaning the tank,fuel injectors,new fuel filter,it,s back to life.
    I noticed that when the bike is warmed up and if I rev it high in neutral it coughs alittle blue smoke out the exhaust
    no smoke on first start cold,or riding.just in neutral and reving to 4k or so.
    is this a big deal?
    it doesn't seem to be but I'm not sure.any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Blue smoke normally means burning oil. I'm not intending to ridicule, but why are you revving up in neutral? If it sat that long, there ma be some dry seals that need to be "rehydrated", if you will. I wouldn't worry about it too much though.


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      I was reving up just to see how it sounds nothing more...and thank you for letting me know about possible dry seals....i.appreciate the knowledge