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Fuel pump not priming

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  • Fuel pump not priming

    Ok I have an 01 tlr. Purchased it about a month ago. Got to ride it the first day. Went to start it up and no pump prime. No fuses blown. All relays work as they should. And no codes. I've kinda had it with this bikes electrical issues at this point. Can I run a power line from a 12v source off the key straight to the pump? Will it work? Its gonna run all the time but is that gonna hurt the bike? I mean it runs while the engine is running so i guess i dont see the difference. Is there a pressure regulator so i dont blow up a fuel line before starting it?

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    There is a regulator but you're trying to do it the wrong way. First get the service manual, then troubleshoot according to it.

    PM me if you can't find the manual
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