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    Hi TLplanet. Im here thanks to Brainless and having problems with my bike( like leaving me in the side of the freeway). After talking to him he mentioned I should post some pictures of my bike. I wanted to show everybody my bike but mainly wanted tips on mods or recommendations. This bike was built by the national account manager of K&N and with Roland Sands. His name is Nick O'Kane. If you google his name you can see all the really nice bikes hes made. This was the first TLR he built out of 3 or 4. Here are some pictures and articles from it was first built and when i got it.



    Here is a picture at the Long Beach Motorcycle Show

    I was able to meet Nick by emailing K&N. Here are some pictures of Nick when i met him at the K&N headquarters and another TLR he built that is in the shown room. Since this one had a painted front fender, different tail light, different oil plug and a couple of more differences i wanted to take alot of pictures and to make as close as i could.

    After meeting him and seeing his bike i made a couple of changes on mine it since I got it. I painted the front fender to match his. I had a Hyper pro steering stabilizer mounted to go with the rear shock and just so happen to be the one he had. I got a better seat made because that one on it was about half an inch and it killed my ass and back. I installed the same taillight and oil plug. I had also done other things to the bike when i got it. I made the air box mod but made the side vents bigger. Changed the bulbs on the speedo to led. Put a TRE. H4 led headlight bulb. Performed coolant flush and put engine ice. New plugs. Am sure there is more stuff that i cant remember. Here are some pictures.

    Here are the pictures of it now

    I still have a couple of things to do it. I WOULD LOVE FOR RECOMMENDATIONS ON MODS OR RECOMMENDATIONS TO IMPROVE THE BIKE. A;; opinions are welcomed. Am still new to the TL world. I love working on my bike when i have time and doing any improvements. Feel free everybody. Here is a list of mods and parts on the bike:

    2002 Suzuki TL1000R:
    GSXR Front end
    GSXR Front fender
    R6 Calipers
    EBC Front and rear rotors with pads
    Custom paint job
    Ducati monster headlight
    H4 LED headlight bulb
    LED speedometer bulbs
    PSR levers
    PSR handgrips
    PSR gascap
    Roland Sands custom handlebar
    Bar end mirrors
    Hyperpro steering stabilizer
    Redbull coolant reservoir( Nick likes Redbull that why he put it)
    Roland Sands custom exhaust
    Engine ice coolant
    CNC oil plug
    Carbon fiber side engine covers
    Voodoo rear sets
    Featherweight Lithium battery
    Hyperpro rear shock
    Custom rear seat
    Custom cafe tail with subframe
    LED Taillight
    K&N airfilter
    K&N oil filter
    PC5 with dinojet map
    Had a PSR license plate bracket but broke off while riding so i have one from ebay
    Stater relay connector mod
    I will be getting the super awesome superDuper kit from brainless. CANT WAIT. It will have the +mod, headlight mod, charge mod, and second fuse box. Also but an improved r/r thru him.

    I might of missed some stuff but theres too much to list. Hope you guys like it and WILL LOVE TO HEAR YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS. Thank you

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    My first thought was 1978 GS1000S.
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      Freaking awesome! Great pics! Thanks for sharing!
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        I have a soft spot for Cafe Racer !

        Recommended channel;

        Just an idea;

        I would put something in the recessed flat space in the frame;

        Glossy black or carbon ?


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          Where the swingarm axle goes?


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            Welcome, I remember seeing pictures of that while it was being built. As far as mods, not too sure how much more you would want to do to a one off custom bike. Just ride it and try not to get pulled over.
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              That's hot


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                Pretty sweet scooter there!


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                  Saw this awhile back. Have been keeping an eye for a cheap TLR to replicate cause I dig that build so much.


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                    I saw this one around me

                    Check out this BEST OFFER TAKES IT. NOT THE LOWEST OFFER for $1 on OfferUp

                    Nick sells the seat units


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                      Thanks for sharing
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