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Double checking torque #s for sprockets and tires

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  • Double checking torque #s for sprockets and tires

    Front sprocket is 83lbs?? Seems high.
    rear sprocket 45lbs?
    rear tire bolt [axle?] getting conflicting info. 73 or 43 lbs.

    I'm changing both sprockets, chain and rear tire so just want to be sure I have correct numbers.
    also when putting chain on, how much torque usually to press link?

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    If you thrown in $10 to become a site supporter, you'll gain free access to the TL Resources portion of the site, which includes the online version of the TLS and TLR service manuals.

    If you did that, you'd see front sprocket nut is 68.5 lb-ft, rear sprocket nut is 43.5 lb-ft, rear axle nut shows 72.5 lb-ft. That said, I've never used to torque wrench on any of them...but I've been playing with motorcycles for 35 years and haven't managed to die yet.

    And welcome
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