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Stupid Suzuki starter relay upgrade

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  • Stupid Suzuki starter relay upgrade

    • So I decided to get rid of the piece of crap Suzuki starter relay. and replace it with a dirt cheap to free heavy duty Ford starter relay mounted in the trunk of bike. Was pretty simple. Cut all four wires going to the Suzuki relay. Splice yellow blue and yellow and green together. Tap into that wire and run to signal small pole on Ford starter relay. Splice red and red white small wires together and run through inline fuse straight to battery. Run heavy gauge wire to Ford relay from battery positive. I used the battery cable I found off a BMW in the junkyard amp wire would do just fine like 6 gauge. On last big lug of Ford starter relay on the same gauge wire to your starter. Run 6 or so gauge ground wire directly from battery 2 the mounting plate of the Ford starter relay it has to be grounded. Throw piece of crap Suzuki relay in trash.

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