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  • Seating new rings

    I posted last week about pulling my TLR out of mothballs after 15 years. During that time both jugs were installed with new rings with the front head torqued into place but no cams. I ordered the rear head gasket which would allow me to complete the assembly.

    This got me thinking, during all that downtime those rings have been sitting confined in those bores and most likely lost some tension. Normally this would not concern me in an engine that has been run with fully seated rings. The problem I'm having is these rings are brand new and never have been seated. The nikasil cylinders can't be honed which aids in ring seating which basically is installing new rings in a used engine and crossing my fingers hoping they will seat properly. I had a bad experience when I sent the jug off my ATV for a big bore kit and when I received it noticed how smooth the hone was but installed it anyway which resulted in a copious amounts of white smoke pouring out the exhaust pipe from the rings not being able to seat on the that smooth hone. I pulled the jug off the engine and made a few passes with a flexi-hone and "wallah" problem solved, rings seated and zero smoke!

    I don't want a repeat that fiasco and failure here will have me pulling the whole things apart and starting over and this is not an air-cooled single cylinder ATV engine which didn't even require removing the engine.

    I decided to pull both jugs off while it's convenient and replace the 15 year old rings with a brand new set before I button-up the engine. The cylinder bores are in perfect condition, no scratches or smoothed-over spots, the honing marks are visible and consistent around the entire circumference of the bores. The pistons skirts are still like new after 30K miles.

    My question is: after I gap and clock the rings are there any precautions I should take to ensure the new rings seat on the nikasil bores? I don't have a lot of experience with re-ringing a nikasil plated cylinder and just want to make sure I don't overlook anything and a bit nervous about this, thanks


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    spray a bit of wd40 on the bores. and turn it over a few times.

    start and ride it normally .

    rings dont care how long they sit

    It never ceases to amaze why people ask for advice then when I give it they either ignore it or argue against it.
    But then I don't know all that much about TL's

    wwjd.......what would jimmy do.


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      Exactly as the Ring said as long as they weren't gummed up with some storage liquid that was put in to Wintersize the bike for 15 years! Measured a used valve springs seat pressure at installed height quite a few years back, then as a test put the spring on a threaded rod, wound a nut and washer down from each end until the spring had coil bind, put it in a drawer for 2 years. Took it out and measured it again = no change! What kills valve springs is heat and over revving!


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        My .02 cents. I agree with Ring-in, that rings don't care about sitting in the bores. But since you have already replaced the rings with new ones, the break-in procedure will be important. High revs are not really bad, but I wouldn't go out on the interstate and hold it open for 5 miles. Give it a good amount of throttle, but keep the rpms at a resonable level. You want a good amount of combustion pressure to push the rings against the cylinders walls to seat the rings on the bores. I can't see nikasil bores being much different than iron liners as far as break-in goes. Change the oil after some time. The manufacturers usually say about 500 miles, but I think 100 miles would do it. Some recommend mineral oil for break-in, and probably is okay. I use Amsoil synthetic, (let the hate begin, lol), but on my dragbikes, break-in is full throttle for a quarter mile with no smoke after, and I change the oil and filter every 2-3 races depending on how many rounds I go. Oil is cheap, engines aren't!


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          Originally posted by Fastbike View Post
          keep the rpms at a resonable level.


          break-in is full throttle for a quarter mile

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