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TLR wont idle or start without fluid/cannot get TPS adjusted correctly

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  • TLR wont idle or start without fluid/cannot get TPS adjusted correctly

    Good Afternoon everyone. I've been a long time reader, but this is the first time posting a question. First the bike is a 1998 TL1000R. Last year I swapped a good motor into it because the original that was in it needed a lot of internal work (I had a spare from a parts bike.). It was running fairly decent, but around 5-6k on the Tach if you tried to really get in the throttle it would just bog down and wouldn't stop until you came off the throttle. If you easy into it all the way it would go all the way to the rev limiter. Recently though it has gotten a lot worse, and it will do it almost anytime you give it throttle. I have swapped the throttle bodies and fuel injection from another bike on to it and get the same result. The throttle bodies have been balanced each time. When I go to set the TPS I can't ever get it to the middle bar it's either the top bar or bottom bar, and if I can get the middle bar the bike quickly shuts off because the idle is to low even when i adjust the idle up it goes back to the top bar. It has fresh plugs, freshly balanced TBs, and good gas. I just cannot get it to start without starting fluid, and cannot get the TPS adjusted correctly. Anyone have any ideas??

    Also there is no PC on the bike, the vacuum hoses have all been checked time and time again and routed how the factory specifies to run them.

    Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

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    Hey. First off welcome .

    Second: cool! You're only 1.5 hours from me: I'm in murfreesboro

    On to the problem: glad you've given lots of info and you've done some research. How did you check the vacuum hoses? Just visually or by spraying brake cleaner or starter fluid? Because it's a foreign motor, I suspect the TB boots came with it. Did you inspect them for leaks? Again not just visually. Spray a little bit of fluid to see if the rpm changes.

    If I recall I had a case where the secondary injectors clogged and the symptoms for that was bogging down at right around 6-7k rpm.

    But you need to take care of the idle first.
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      Update: I ended up tuning the bike to ear instead of using the top and middle bar, balanced the TBs and moved the TPS until the bike sounded healthy. The TP is set toward the marked line on the TB like original. I still cannot get the middle bar, but it runs like champ, pulls hard, and starts easily every time.

      Great! Love the Nashville Area!