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  • FREE Engine Stand Motor Mount

    Dear all TL members. Iíve long been a forum leech and gleaned all the wondrous free advice shared by everyone. Iíve always felt that I had little to offer in the way of help or advice back that hadnít already been done/said, until now. Instead of seeking profit, Iíve felt it right to give back to this wonderful group. Thanks, yet again, to Sam for sharing critical dims.

    Please see attached link for necessary files to create your very own engine stand.

    This engine stand has been designed for those without either access to, or the necessary skills, to weld & fabricate. Consider this a S̶w̶e̶d̶i̶s̶h̶ British flat pack TL engine stand

    Please read the PDF for parts required/qtyís and how to assemble. Notice for the Americas, this stand has been designed in Metric, for sheet thickness/nuts & bolts. However, Iím sure youíll have no troubles either sourcing metric or converting to imperial.

    For those that need reminding, the motor is a heavy lump and care and caution is heavily advised. I wonít be held accountable for broken fingers/toes or worse, TL engines!

    All I ask, is that you all, in your own time, offer something back to the group. However you can.

    Share away. There is no attributed licensing. Donít forget to upload photos of your motor sitting happy.


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    Been trying for years to get a stand from Yoshimura

    ...could do with some modifying though
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    People not to buy from ...ckfrdrice...TeamDutch People that I have purchased things from that were great to deal with ...Vandriver, Sam, Ziggy999, TLMike, djkoenig, N2Wheelies, CalSportbike, ET79, S Winglet, Rifleman, Sully, Danny Never, h0ssman, The Ring-in. GhostMAFIA, Speedking...I know there's more...just can't remember everyone I've bought stuff from


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      I bought a great stand for an 04 GSXR 1K motor a few years ago. Of course they did not make one for the TL and now they are only for 2009 and newer GSXR's, but I always intended to make a few for the TL. - Click the banner below, to see what I have for your bike.