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US Citizen kills biker in UK; claims Diplomatic Immunity and leaves the country

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  • US Citizen kills biker in UK; claims Diplomatic Immunity and leaves the country

    Just read this on another forum; it's become a low level news story over here. I'm sure if it was anyone of fame or notoriety it would be being made more of but, if it were you, could you live with yourself??
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    Unfortunately, this happens more often than you might think. If it doesn't involve a death you probably won't hear about it though. I understand why the diplomatic immunity thing exists, but it makes one wonder if it doesn't need some fixing. Allowing a person to escape intentional or negligent acts just isn't right.
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      I find diplomatic immunity to be completely B.S., for any country. This woman should have to face justice in the UK, not doubt about it!!!


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        Agreed. Extradition for any violent crime should be granted.
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          I live in the UK and it's still big news over here. She turned out of the base on the wrong side of the road..... then fled the scene. Poor family. Trump advised by Pompeo to say she's not coming back. Full story...