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D&D back to OEM 1997 TLS

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  • D&D back to OEM 1997 TLS

    1997 TLS I have D&D slip on cans, been on the bike since 98' I think.. A custom map on a PC2 was created many years ago to get rid of the stumbles.. What I would like to do is go back to stock OEM or a much quieter slip-on can, going OEM if I can find the cans, will I need to have do another custom map on the PC2? If no OEM cans are to be found and I go with another brand that is much more quieter, which brand, and will a custom map need to be created for that slip-on?

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    It really depends on the changes made with the revised map you have in the PC2. More than likely, the map for the D&D's has richened up your A/F mixture, in which case the back pressure from OEM can cause the spark plugs to load up with carbon. It all depends how much richer the map is.

    Paying site member have access to pre-made maps on this forum.

    A simple solution is to remove the PC2, use a TRE, and put the OEM cans back on the bike.
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      OEM SV1K and Busa cans should be same