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Need some advice on A 97 TL1000s with 01 TL1000R motor and wiring

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  • Need some advice on A 97 TL1000s with 01 TL1000R motor and wiring

    I have a 97 TL1000s with a 01 TL1000R motor and wiring but they did it but using the TL1000S throttle bodies so that s 1 injector per cylinder and the TLR has 2 per cylinder so if I just use the injector connectors for the TL1000S and wire 2 of the TLR together for each cylinder is that possible so that the ecu thinks there are 4 injectors ...hit me up and let me know everything else plugged rt up

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    Welcome to the Planet Bobbybarlow!

    Concerning your injector question, a couple things come to mind that may or may not be an issue. If the TLR injector outputs are wired together, will that confuse the ECM error detection circuitry? Probably won't know until you try.

    Also, the TLR's primary injector output could drive the TLS injector by itself, but then would the TLR ECM allow enough pulse-width on the primary drive to keep the injector turned on long enough above 6000 RPM. I think that is the engine speed when the TLR secondary injectors normally kick in. And with the secondary injector connectors left disconnected, then the corresponding error codes would be generated. Of course, it may be possible to put a load resistor on the secondary injector connector to fool the ECM. Again, it calls for some experimentation.

    Another thing, if the TLR outputs were tied together, would one inhibit the other's drive signal? I suppose they could be isolated from each other with a couple of diodes.

    Just some things to think about....
    January 2012 - BBOTM & TLOTM


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      Who installed the TLR engine in your TLS?

      Also, what happened to the TLS ECM and wire loom?
      January 2012 - BBOTM & TLOTM