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Got the itch for a TL again after 20 yrs

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  • Got the itch for a TL again after 20 yrs

    I’ve got the itch again. Had a 97TLS and an 01TLR back in the day. Traded in on a 04 R1 day it came out. Havent had a bike in ten years but I have been thinking about what I want and decided its another TLR. Looks like parts are hard to come by now. They were even back then.

    Whats the market like right now? Im seeing beaters around 1500 and clean around 5500 on ebay. They dont seem to come up very often any more. Thought Id drop by and say Hi. Getting my post count up so I can see the fo sale section. Hope to make some contributions here soon. I was pretty active on tlzone back in the day.

    Ill prob pick something up I can build around 3k because Ill end up going through it anyway. Ill document my build.

    Back then you could get Vandriver’s tail lift riser. Do they still have any of those around or are they unobtanium? Any clones?

    Thanks! - Shane

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    Howdy and welcome. You should be able to access the For Sale Forum right away. You need 50 posts to be able to sell anything.
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      Welcome to the Planet Shane.

      I would say you are due for another TL.

      VanDriver is still making bling for the TL, but I'm not sure about the tail risers.
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        Good to know. Thanks all!


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          i believe i am future you, i had a 97 back in the day,got the itch as well last fall, drove 4 hours and bought a 98 for $1300. This winter i took it apart and rebuilt back up. everything new where critical. The advantage to a cheap one is you can spend the extra money in upgrading the rear and front suspension as well as all new bearings, sprockets,chain etc....some of the cleaner ones don'thave any of these upgrades, which im sure you know are much need in place of that crappy rotary dampner! ill make a post of it,


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            Sure. Plus as vehicles age are going to have to go through them stem to stern to make sure they are right anyway. Thats half the fun. Still keeping my eye out for a builder. Havent had any luck so far.


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              I have a TLS that I bought for the bodywork a few years ago and now looking to get rid of. Literally have not done anything with it in about 18 months. In decent shape, but definitely a builder.