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  • Proud new owner.

    Hey everyone. Finally, I finally bought a TL1000R. I remember seeing one someone down the street owned when I was about 14 years old. The only one I have ever seen, and for some reason I fell in love with that bike. I am now 32. I have owned a 2003 Sv1000 and a 2003 cbr954rr. Today I went to look at a 2003 tl1000r, black and yellow, 9373 miles, all original except for full [email protected] exhaust and tires. Comes with 2 helmets and stock exhaust, cowl. I picked it up in Maine. It was about a 2 hour and 20 minute ride which wasnt bad. she sounds mean and the condition is unbelievable. About 99 percent showroom. A few scratches on the screen is about all I could find wrong but that will be replaced anyways with a tinted one. So after 17 years I finally own my dream bike. I didn't take any pictures but I will be sure to post some on Saturday when I go get it. I will take a short video of it running also. I am very excited. It has been off the road since 2012 so I will be sure to freshen it up. I didn't think I could find one in this shape and unmolested. The guy was the original owner also. He bought it new in 2003. I paid $4000 for it. I've seen trashed out tl1000rs go for anywhere from 3200-5000 in Massachusetts recently. I think I did good.
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    This picture is from the ad.

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      I think you got a good deal there!

      Two posts in 13 years! You are on a roll!!

      Welcome to The Planet!
      January 2012 - BBOTM & TLOTM


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        Haha yeah I forgot all about this site until recently. I'll be sure to turn that 2 into 200+


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            Very nice ride!
            If its "Made in China" I don't want it.


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              Thanks man! Wednesday I will be freshing it up with new oil and brake/ clutch fluid. Here's a short clip of those beautiful sounding pipes.


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                Somebody can give me a good idea about crashpads for TLR? (frame and front axle and in EU, not USA, UK...)