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  • It just keeps getting worse

    I have a 98 TL1000R. I have spent a lot of time and effort to not only get it running but to keep it running. It's 98% complete. Only thing missing is a few fairings and a rubber ram air boot. Recently I started to receive a c41 code. It was causing a no start situation. I have absolutely no idea where the issue is. I have inspected the entire harness by eye and with a multimeter and the only thing I found was that one of the wires that lead into the fuel pump relay was dead past a certain point. I tried replacing the wire from the point at which it becomes dead all the way to the relay and that wire went dead too. There are no crossed wires of any kind and other than that everything is in perfect shape but for some reason the fuel pump never stopped running. To bypass this installed a switch that jumped 2 wires on the relay so what would happen was I would turn the bike on and flip the red switch and the fuel pump would kick on and just run but not start the bike. Not until you flipped the switch I had booked up to the relay. They both had to be on and she would start and run great. I bought another TL that was chopped up but had some of the parts I needed to complete my bike. I was finishing it up when I noticed that someone tried to steal my bike and had busted my ignition. I ended up removing it and tried to wire it up with a switch. I connected the resistor to where it needed to go and hooked everything up and now I turn the bike on and flip the red switch and nothing. No fuel pump. I jump the relay and it will run but since the other one isn't working then it still won't start. I can not figure it out. What the hell happened. There is nothing wrong with anything at all. I really need some help with this one. Thank you.

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    In order to troubleshoot a problem of this nature over the internet, you will need to provide quite a few more details about the specific wires you are dealing with and the modifications you made. For example, what colors are the wires at the fuel pump relay that were bridged? What colors are the wires at the missing ignition switch that are now connected via the aftermarket switch? Which wires did you connect the resistor to? What value is the resistor?

    Clear photos of the problem areas and the modifications or repairs will also be a big help.

    Thank you. Hopefully we can get this sorted.
    January 2012 - BBOTM & TLOTM


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      Hi have you tried the tip over sensor
      mine had same problem ,worked thru and it was a broken tos