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  • starting issues

    How do you get the starter relay off of the battery? it sets in that rubber boot, it won't budge.

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    The 2 sleeves in the rubber boot highlighted in the photos slide over 2 prongs on a bracket that holds the starter relay. Carefully work the rubber boot over those prongs and it should release.

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    January 2012 - BBOTM & TLOTM


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      Morning. I bought a 2000 model TL1000R and got an issue. Drove and the bike just died. I found that the fuse at the starter relay was blown. I replaced it and the bike displays CHECK on the cluster. I resetted it and got a C23 Tip over sensor. Fixed it and the bike started again. Yesterday i drove and the bike just died again. I replaced the fuse and started the bike up and it ran for a few seconds and blew the fuse again. This happened with 4 fuses (20amp) and then i inserted a 30amp fuse and the bike did nothing. I pushed the start button and no noise or anything from the starter and it keeps on displaying CHECK on the cluster. This time it does not want to reset and show a error code. It's my first Suzuki and i love the bike. Any assistance will be highly appreciated. Thank you. Riaan.