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    I do not understand why 4 words are so difficult to comprehend. They are not difficult to understand and if these directions are followed, there will be much less road rage and lower blood pressures.
    Is that difficult to understand? I can kind of understand if you are not paying attention and you pass a car and forget to come back in, but when you look in your mirrors and see a bike (or another car for that matter) coming up on you, MOVE OVER. Even worse are the two vehicles going the same speed in two different lanes. I can't believe how many pairs of vehicles I ran into like that today. I am surprised I didn't have a stroke on the way home. Well, that was my vent. I feel slightly better.
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    take there mirror off on the way past
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      Simple, they do not look in their mirrors. Perhaps they're too absent minded and forget. But I like to go for the "they're too damn stupid and lack the IQ to think for themselves and take other people on the road into consideration"

      My humble opinion
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        Yeah, that pisses me off to no end also. Get the *&%^*#$ out of the way!
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          you said it brutha!!!!!!
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            My question has always been, why are those signs not on the left!
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              I know the answer to you issues.....a simple look into your profile provided the immediate and precise answer.

              Location: SE Wisconsin
              Wisconsin is the worst state, by far, for this problem. I have been to/through 40 of the continental United States and Wisconsin is the only one where people DO NOT ADHERE to that common courtesy rule of slower traffic keeping right. Most other states, especially as you head east, specifically say LEFT LANE FOR PASSING VEHICLES ONLY. Some states even go as far to put up signs similar to this: LEFT LANE PASSING ONLY AND FAST MOVING VEHICLES, MIDDLE LANE FOR CRUISING ONLY, RIGHT LANE FOR TRUCKS AND SLOWER MOVING VEHICLES.
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                I get peeved about this as well, though probably more so when I'm in the car. On the bike, the quick solution is a twist of the wrist! Conversely, in the Jeep there's usually not as much room to get around (definitely not as much GO) and all you can do is swear and wait.
                It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a bad example.


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                  That's one of my biggest peevs as well. I think half the people don't pay attention and the other half think it's their responsibility to try and slow you down.

                  We were on a ride through southern Indiana a few weeks ago. When the road went up a steep hill it split to two lanes. There was a BIG sign that said "Keep right, left lane for passing only". So what did the van in front of us do? He stayed in the left lane, driving 15mph under the posted limit. After giving him ample time to move over, we passed him on the right...

                  ...and he flipped me off.


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                    I thought you were allowed to pass either side in the US?
                    In the UK we are not allowed to pass on the left (inside), so these morons are even more frustrating. A three lane motorway will frequently have a left lane full of trucks, an empty middle lane, and a right lane with nose-to-tail assholes in generic saloon cars who will NOT pull over... This is at least half the reason for my sig!
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                      We have the opposite problem over here, get the slow ones out of the right hand lane!

                      Here, undertaking is allowed on multilaned roads, and it is allowed in single lanes if the vehicle has its right hand indicator on.
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                        That shit pisses me of too
                        Originally posted by TLCURT
                        Because TL's fucking rock.

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                          just another sign that we need stricter licensing...



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                            I'm wondering when the cops are going to knock on my door asking me to come down to the station with them.....I've prolly taken off 3 mirrors and dented more than my fair share of fenders

                            people are the worst
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                              I hate that too, I'm not the fastest in the cage, but I do move over for faster cars. I also hate the people that are in such a hurry that they move to the right to pass before you can get a clear place to move from their way. If people could just pull that stick out of their arses and have a few seconds of patience the roads would be much safer.

                              Like crashtd said, I think we should have the strict driving training like they have in Germany. Having the roads in Germany wouldn't be so bad either