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TLR springs in TLS forks

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  • TLR springs in TLS forks

    Any benefits to running tlr springs in tls forks, I know the tlr's are a heavier bike and thought it might be a cheap upgrade for a poor tls owner.

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    You'd need more than the springs I think, spacers and valves etc are all different too.

    The TLR fork springs are shorter and have longer spacers than the TLS ones.

    I think it was Richard TL from SA put up some photo's not all that long ago of the internal differences, perhaps if you do a search you'll dig them up again.
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      Shorter springs with longer spacer would make sense as a shorter spring of the same diameter and material is stiffer.
      I saw that the forks have different internals, that's why I'm trying to figur out if it's worth fixing TLS forks or use TLR or GSXR forks to start with.


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        The problem with changing the springing only is the damping might not match.

        The springs in a TLR are shorter, the space longer, the valve cannister shorter, the valves have bigger holes and more shims. The internal rods for rebound adjustment are shorter and the rebound setting has "clicks" on the TLR.

        The cheapest here in SA was to fit goldvalves and new springs, second hand TLR forks are scarce and more expensive than revalving. Cost me R2500 to revalve and respring using Racetech parts.

        PS and R50 for my homemade fork tools-which I now lend out to the bike shop nearest me.
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          it's best to get it revalved if you're changing spring rate. the stock vavles are garbage anyway.
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            2 suspension questoins in one day?

            Since when are Suzuki springs cheaper than aftermaket ones?

            Why guess and muck around .vs get ones made for the bike you have and are cheaper than from Suzuki?

            Traxxion, LE, or Racetech.. Why guess, when you can save your $$ for a few, and get them done RIGHT?
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