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Test ride.....ZX-6R aka 636

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  • Test ride.....ZX-6R aka 636

    My buddy finally broke in his 03' Silver ZX-6R 636 enough for me to ride it. I rode it on some good back roads for about 30 minutes.

    Here we go........smiley style.

    Bottom end -
    Mid Range -
    Top End -

    I am super spoiled by TL1000R grunt.

    Suspension - Point and shoot. This bike can rail!!!


    Those front brakes are awesome!!

    The bike is super light and nimble and at the same time really twitchy -

    Its really compact and the ergo's are not that bad. - :

    It looks -

    Overall a super cool bike......I'd never buy one, maybe for a track tool. The new 600's are so damn peaky. Where are those extra 36cc?? :

    So for a big feller like myself I need a big bike. I can tell you why they make liter (v-twin) sportbikes........

    2003 TL1000R

    "Aint ever seen it.....but I have heard it." - Neil

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    Oh and so I dont get the W.P.W.P.

    I love my tiller.......
    2003 TL1000R

    "Aint ever seen it.....but I have heard it." - Neil


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      I was afraid there for a second 414...
      you are so right, that kick in the ass during the last 2k is so not what riding is about.
      Coming out of a corner WOT at 6,000 is where it's at Nothing does that better than a TLR.

      Diggin' the gratuitous use of smilies
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      August 2004


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        i rode a buddy's 636 for a while the other day and its exactly how you described it but it has 2 more crushes my nuts when i ride it and i cant see the gauges real well...I'm 6'2.

        2001 TL1000R

        Carbon Kevlar gsxr1000 solo tail w/ r6 taillights/hammerit tlr/r kit/ full yosh w/ carbon cans/ attack rearsets/ hermit dragon exhaust hangars/Stainless braided brakelines front and back/ EBC HH pads/ BMC race filter/ PC2/ metzler sporttech tires/ carbon here and there/ racelite fairingstay/ Olhins steering damper/ Polished frame, swingarm, subframe................STILL A PILE OF SHIT

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          Actually for a 600 they do have some low end and torque More than other 600s. Nothing compared to a 1 litre v-twin, but then that is comparing apples to oranges. How about it pulls as hard down low compared to 750's not too long ago. And you are right those last 5k rpm (it redlines at 15.5k) or so.... hold on tight.

          Everything else I agree with except the twitchy part. Ours doesnt feel twitcy at all. Does your friend have the suspension set up at all?

          and for the voyeurs... her 636

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            Oh yeah... dont against one with a rider of equal skill in the twisties... you will get your ass handed to you.

            Coming Soon!


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              Nice bike.....

              Not a thing wrong with it....except....
              I need to move up..not cc's.
              Yepper, Still Alive.


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                i sat on one when i was buyin my tiller and just out of curiosity i stood up and pulled as hard as i could to see if i could lift the front end. ill be damned if i didnt get it off the ground. just barely but still. that bike and all the 600s like it are like toys to me. i need a big fella not a bmx.
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                  I love the looks of the new Ninja's but the ergo's just don't work for me. Everytime I sit on one it feels like someone kicked me in the balls. There must be something about the shape of the seat or tank that doesn't agree with me. The older Kawi's are the same way.


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                    Originally posted by Rider 414
                    Oh and so I dont get the W.P.W.P.

                    I love my tiller.......
                    Hey, Rider 414...
                    2003 Blue and White TL1000R (The faster colors) Yoshimura Ti Cans, TRE, Custom Homemade Fender Eliminator, Hammerit Carbon Look Intake Covers, PC II, Fan Switch Mod. Yellow Box, Nissin Brake Caliper and Goodridge SS Brake Lines.

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                      I've never had the pleasure of riding one, but I probably wouldn't even fit on it.....(6'5"/260)
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                          Hello is anybody home
                          Originally posted by TLCURT
                          Because TL's fucking rock.

                          It's a cult own one is to love one.


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                            ITS THERE NOW!!! Our server needed a kick in the arse!!
                            2003 TL1000R

                            "Aint ever seen it.....but I have heard it." - Neil