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Anyone ever heard of a bike coming out of gear when cornering hard?

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  • Anyone ever heard of a bike coming out of gear when cornering hard?

    My TLR has mysteriously come out of gear or hit a false neutral three times while taking some tight turns while being leaned over pretty far......on right corners. The bike will go into a neutral and then go into gear automatically when the bike is uprighted. Anyone have any ideas on the problem or ever heard of that problem with the TLR's? The only other idea I have is that I may be accidently pushing the shift lever up ever so slightly with my big feet while hanging off the right side of the bike. What's your guys take? Mechanical or my fault?
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    EBC HH Pads
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    Still got the hydraulic clutch?

    If it was cable, I'd be checking that the cable isn't getting pulled tight causing clutch slip, other than that :dunno.
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      My guess it is you nudging the lever. You should have the balls of your feet only on the pegs when riding hard.

      Be careful with that, jumping in and out of gear while leaned over sounds like a receipe for another "I crashed my TL " thread.
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          Lets hope its not a bent shiftfork!!!

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            My bike did that, but the kick stand was a major piece and a bolt fell out and tripped the kick stand sensor.
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              low oil could that cause the clutch to slip?