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Frame Sliders???

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  • Frame Sliders???

    Some dealership guys say the will cause more trouble than prevent, such as send your bikes into unneccessary flips when they catch.

    I am considering the purchase what do you guys think? Anybody ever had to try them out ?
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    I'm justifying mine by:

    If it sliding fast enough where flipping is a problem, there are plenty of other things hanging off (pegs, bar ends, exhaust cans) that'll cause it to flip.

    In the event of this happening your bike is cactus either way. As there is always a tree or a kerb that jumps out in front of your bike as it slides on down the road.

    Sliders help in the advent of a low speed slide, ( pulling out of gas stations, round about, Falling of stands etc).

    Well that's my 2cents,
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      Frame sliders will do thier job, pending you get good ones. I can vouge(sp?) for Intuitive sliders and thier cost effectiveness. A sliders job is not to save everything (Fairings) from scratching. They are there to protect the frame and engine. Sliders IMHO are THE most cost effective mod you can do to a bike.

      Frame Sliders
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