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rear tire leaking air?

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  • rear tire leaking air?

    has anyone had a hole in their rear tire? i am losing about 4lbs per day. i am currently just filling it back up before i ride until i figure out what to do. do i have to buy a new tire or can the rear tire be "plugged"?

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    find the cause of the leak and then determin if it is repairable. check valve stem and core too. if it has a small nail puncture in the middle of the tread area i would say its ok to have patched. if its near the edge of the tire, i don't think i would do it. always check with the local shops to see what they recomend too.
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      check your valve 1st...
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        if you do decide to have it fixed, make sure they use one of thosse patches with a plug on it. regular plugs have a tendency to loosen or fail since a motorcycle tire goes through alot of deformation when you are cornering. would not be a good time for the plug to come out

        most shops either wont repair them or will recommend that you dont.

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          Your life is worth more than a tyre..... buy a NEW one....


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            Depending on the damage, plugs are fine.

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