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I'd appreciate your advise on what gloves to get...

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  • I'd appreciate your advise on what gloves to get...

    Hey Everyone!

    Well, I am in the market for some gloves. Who said you can't teach old dogs new tricks?!?!

    I would really appreciate ya'lls advice on gloves. What I am looking for is comfort & protection. The reason I didn't like wearing gloves (other than having a bitch of a time remembering to put my helmet on before my gloves...because of the D-Rings) is the lack of feel, and hand fatigue. With gloves you have to sqeeze on the grips because of the gloves shape if you know what I mean and my hands would fall asleep. Also, to decellerate all I have to do without gloves is loosen my grip and the throttle snaps shut, with gloves the palm tends to stick to the grip keeping the gas on, scaring the piss out of me.

    Well, after the crash I came to the conclusion that I like my fingers. While I doubt gloves would have saved my index finger from breaking, I KNOW it would have saved it's tip from getting ground off. My knuckles aren't too pretty right now either.

    I would like gloves that are either subtle or thin in the part of the palm that bends if you know what I mean. Other than that I am not too picky. None of the shops here have road gloves in stock (other than the Harley fingerless $5.00 specials). All they have is dirtbike stuff.

    Can anyone help me out? Color doesn't matter, I would rather have black. I don't feel the need to own $200.00 gloves. The way I figure somethin is better than nothin.

    I'd appreciate your input.
    Your Friend in Sport,


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    For comfort I ride with olympia gel gloves, for faster riding I have some japanese gloves that are lined with kevlar knuckle protectors, thread and palm liners but I trade the comfort and vibration absorption of the gel padding.

    I guess I could solve that with some gel grips

    Try this link:
    Just a few mods:

    Silver, the fastest color!

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      I've run with only 3 brands of "race" glove over the years, Spidi, Dainese and now Teknic.

      I've got broad knuckles and short fingers and it's hard to find a glove that I can get into without having the fingers excessively long.

      I'd still run with the Spidi's but they redesigned them and I could no longer fit in them.

      Then I ran with some Dainese, good quality, good feel and comfortable, except I needed a XXL to fit the suckers on and the fingers are too long.

      Then one day out of the blue I tried a set of a friends Teknic Violators with the bling bling carbon fibre knuckle protection, so I went searching and found a set ~$220AUD (~140USD?)

      I wear them before I wear the Dainese, both sets are wearing well (lasting a lot longer than the Spidi's that would turn into a brittle chamois after a while, with sweating in them etc). I get good feel from them and they're pretty subtle.

      I haven't tested either set yet and don't intend to, but as far as feel, fit, quality, wear and functionality they get a
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        I don't suppose you'll see much in the photo, I was trying to show the wear on the throttle glove, and the tops for the style.

        If you want a close up of any part sing out, like where the thumb meets the palm etc.

        I suppose you're in a bind on the Island? You'll have to live with what you buy.
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          Alpinestar SP-2s are fairly good quality, hold up well in wrecks and have a lot of feel. I just got a set of the GP plus gloves, they are nice, not as much feel, but close, and much more sturdy looking/feeling.

          The Violator pro's from are nice, I wrecked in them and they tore, but prevented any damage to my hands. But they are kinda course leather in the palms.

          Unfortunetly no glove will give you the feel of ridding bare handed, but you get used to it.
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            I have A-Stars, Dainese & the ones I always seem to grab, FirstGear (they fit me liike a glove, no pun!) Kinda like the helmet thing here man, try 'em on and see what fits ya best. Avoid any kind that "bunches" when ya squeeze and don't be afraid to drop some $$ - I don't think I have to tell ya their worth!
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              I personnally like SUZUKI TECH II's. They're comfortable, and they hold up pretty well...
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                tecknic violators pros from Great prices and great gloves. Plus they look with all the chrome.
                <img src="">


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                  Hey there...personally, I love my Joe Rocket GPX Kevlar's. I tried on a bunch of gloves before slipping on the only pair that felt like 'slippers-for-the-hands'. Just try them on before buying anything...
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                    Alpinestars have a very nice soft feeling leather that gives you good feeling, but the sizes run small. i have to wear a XXL in all Alpinestars gloves.
                    the Teknic gloves are also very comfortable and offer good feel with good protection.
                    i've had some fieldsheer gloves, but not real happy with them. they always felt stiff to me even after a year of riding.
                    the best way of course is to go try on a bunch, but it doesn't sound like an option for you. good luck bro.
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                      Thanks for the info Guys, you are the BEST!!! I REALLY appreciate your opinions.

                      Here on the Island of Hawaii, no one carries much Sportbike stuff, which is why I started my little side project company.

                      It's kinda pathetic here shop caters to the Sportbike crowd, and if they do have anything, it's the cheapest stuff available. Take helmets for instance. There are only Bell and HJC helmets on the shelf (nothing against HJC, 'cept they have the CHEAP models only) Gloves and boots? Forget about it.

                      I am all for supporting local business and all that being a small business myself, but when these guys ask double the price of stuff for the cheapest quality items I have to draw the line. There's a bid difference between supporting local business and being REAMED for cheap stuff.

                      I will look into everyones suggestions and let ya'll know what I get. I got some great info here, thank you very much! I changed my mind about the price, like bugtooth said, ain't no price for lost digits.

                      Again, thanks for the help guys.
                      Your Friend in Sport,



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                        I had a couple pairs of Dainese (for when one pair got wet)... just the cheap ones... they were like $A120 ($US80). No fancy knuckles or huge extra patches.. I was after maximum feel. They held up really well for 4 years, through plenty of rain, and then protected well in the crash. I wouldn't think they would take too well to a big palms-first high side, but that's the price you pay for maximum feel. I have long fingers and real big hands. I think I took the biggest size.. the little finger on them was really long for some reason ?

                        How much finger did you lose?
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                          If any of you would like a good deal on high quality gloves, leathers, or nylon riding gear... I will gladly sell any of TL Planets subcribers my companies products at wholesale prices. We are a new company called Reflex Gear. I would compare my products to Joe Rocket in style and quality. You can contact me through my membership, or directly via email at [email protected].


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                   about some more info. i currentl have joe rocket gloves (had to shorten the long ass thumb and pinky though) and have been looking for a new pair. got any pics?

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                              Alpine Star GP Pro looks nice a bit much $ but damn nice
                              Originally posted by TLCURT
                              Because TL's fucking rock.

                              It's a cult own one is to love one.