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  • Into/Back from (?) the Dark Side

    Guess it all depends on who you speak to. Well, I sold the TLR and picked up a brand new (zero miles) 2002 Honda CBR 954 for $8800 out the door which was a pretty good deal I thought. I got $5700 for my TLR. I just couldn't take the heat coming off that rear cylinder anymore, especially riding around in 100 degree weather in traffic. The CBR gets hot too but it just feels like a heater blowing on my legs. The TLR felt like I was sitting on the heater. The CBR is sweet. I'm still in the break-in period but I can feel the power of this bike. Not as much down low torque of the TLR but it's got plenty of get-up-and-go. And you don't really feel the weight of the TLR, until you ride a 370 lb. CBR that feels feather light, but with solid handling. I don't miss that uneasy feeling coming from the rear of the TLR with that rotary damper. What I do miss though is that unique V-twin growl you can only get with a TLR

    Anyway, this board has been great and I'll still keep it bookmarked. Keep the rubber side down guys! to the dark side or am I returning from it?
    Going through V-twin withdrawals.

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    My bro got a 954. It is VERY sweet.
    Wheelies are a sinch.Gas-tank wheelies are simle to.
    Good luck...
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      Well, good luck in Plainland.

      The Only reason I would go there is the GSXR1000, but Im a bit scared of that monster, so I´ll stick to the TL.

      Maybe, the new GSXR600 would be fun to have asa track bike, but then I need to win on lottery or something...

      Hope the TL got a new happy Oowner, did you tell her/him about TLP?? If not, shame on you!
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        well, you were on the darkside.... now you are on the light side i guess. hope you like the cbr. i just cant see myself not owning the tls.... maybe an I4 to be a buddy in the garage to my tl....


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          and in that case a gixxer1k
          Originally posted by TLCURT
          Because TL's fucking rock.

          It's a cult own one is to love one.


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            Nothing wrong with the Honda.. Pickup another twin later. I got an I-4, a V-2, and am looking at a V-4 right now..
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              Did you do alot of city riding or something?? I dont feel the heat until Im in traffic.

              Good luck with your Honduh.
              2003 TL1000R

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                I went back to a inline 4 to. I bought a R1 two weeks ago. I really like the way it rides. What color did you get? Well I hope you enjoy your new ride.

                2002 R1 (Silver)


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                  Did you do alot of city riding or something?? I dont feel the heat until Im in traffic.
                  Yup, I did a lot of city riding commuting to work.

                  I got the Honda racing and black
                  Going through V-twin withdrawals.


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                      Cograts on the Honda 12

                      Now change you sig and info traitor
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                        Where´s the love guys? :dunno
                        I know I could never trade mine for an I4
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                          Originally posted by BatesTLR1000
                          I went back to a inline 4 to. I bought a R1 two weeks ago. I really like the way it rides. What color did you get? Well I hope you enjoy your new ride.
                          You may have been better off waiting.
                          Have you seen the 04 R1?
                          It looks sick


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                            Why would anybody buy an I4 litre bike when the 2004's have not been released yet. You are just going to be looking to sell it as soon as your buddies show up with the new run rocket-bikes, then you are going to be really feeling left out.

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                              Hey Adam, what part of SOCAL are you in? I'm in SD...
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