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  • Hello all

    Just saying hello. I recently bought a TL1000S and decided to join up here and see what I can do with it. I bought the bike crashed, only real damage is to the subframe and tail cowl, easy fix. I need a new tail section and was looking at a AirTech tail piece.

    I've been riding for 2 years now, and have several other bikes: 1988 GSXR 750, 1993 Katana 600, CBR 929 Erion Edition and of course the TLS

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    not gonna get much love with that FireBlade pic

    Welcome anyway though! heres a few more for being a honda fan


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      <img src="" alt="Image hosted by">


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        Welcome 929


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          Croseo dude

          and this ones for that bike

          O and before I forget

          A pat on the back is only a few centimetres from a kick in the butt


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            You've come to the right place to learn about the TL No shit from me about the CBR RR, once you've done some miles on the TL bye bye Blade..
            "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"


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              bye bye blade bye bye TLS
              hello TLR
              just kidding, any TL is a good TL
              double bubble tinted screen, TLPlanet sticker (5hp), BRAKING rear wave rotor, Busa front calipers (Gold) Ivans TRE, Gixxer rear caliper (gold), Yoshi s/s cans, Galfer front & rear s/s lines, Galfer & EBC pads, Heel guards (magiver), TALON GOLD front & rear sprockets, 520 conversion, RK gold chain, Speedo Healer, Smoken's sliders, Bitubo steering damper, Clear clutch cover,GPI (pedro), Power commander,Tail raise spacers, Bitubo Rear Shock, Rifleman Gap Mod, ET's undertail, ufo tail light, yoyodine led indicators, licence plate holder, Tinted headlight protector, GCC tank protector,

              Waiting for: carbon air intake covers, carbon mini hugger

              To be fitted:
              Race Tech springs, Race Tech Gold valves, Brembo clutch master cylinder,

              <a href=""><img src=""</img></a>

              <a href="">
              <img src=""


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                and if you havent been greeted enough


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                    If your ride is nive enough to have on this site..How bout sum pics!

                    Otherwise Honda

                    Welcome anyway.
                    Yosh RS-3 full system, Top Gun Undertail, Carbon hugger, PCII, 41 tooth rear sprocket, Ohlins Steering Damper, Corbin seat, JoeV Mod, K&N filter, Ivan's TRE, AGP front/rear brake lines, Barnett springs, ZG DB Smoked Windscreen, No-cut frame sliders, short stalk 2-way front blinkers, manual fan switch, Yellow/Black grips
                    Other rides-2008 Civic EX-L, 2005 WRX STI (SOLD), 1978 Nova w/406(FOR SALE), 1988 K2500


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                      Welcome Paul!

                      Don't get Airtech...They SUCK. just my 2 cents.
                      Your Friend in Sport,



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                        welcome on this planet bro

                        please get rid of that 'unda sig


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                          LOOSE THE SIGNATURE!
                          If You're Not Living On The Edge, You're Taking Up Too Much Space

                          Show Mods: HammerIt TLR/R Fairing, Tail and Undertail, Hugger and Fender * Custom


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                            Sorry, I forgot, Welcome to the dark side Man!
                            Don't worry about the fingers, that's just the way we do it here..
                            If You're Not Living On The Edge, You're Taking Up Too Much Space

                            Show Mods: HammerIt TLR/R Fairing, Tail and Undertail, Hugger and Fender * Custom


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                              OOOH and another "S" joins the board...

                              Just a few mods:

                              Silver, the fastest color!

                              On the inside - HID type bulbs, K&N filter, Iridium ix plugs, 16T front sprocket, Coerce billet sprocket cover, Yosh re-map +5, +5, +5 11 o'clock, Scorpio SE-i500 system from my GB and an ATRE.

                              On the outside - TLR forks, front carbon fender, 5/8th master brake cylinder, black SS brake lines (frnt & rear), braking waves all around with Ti bolts, Brembo gold front calipers & a busa gold rear caliper, flush mount signals (frnt & rear), ZG DB scr