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My best friend...GONE!!!!

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  • My best friend...GONE!!!!

    I just got home from closing the lid on my best friends casket... It happened Sat night (SUN morn).. He was on his way home from a local hang out here in Phoenix... On his way home he pushed his 01 GSX-R 1000 to the top speed it would go for reasons only he will know... He also had his soon to be wife on the back when it happened.. Yes I know is was a dumb thing to do with a passenger, but what's done is done.... Hitting from what to police about 160mph or so he came over a hill in the freeway when he came face to face with a work truck that was in his lane... From what the officer said he tried to swerve to miss the truck but at that speed he couldn't.. From what the report said he laid the bike down before the impact sending her flying off first, then they said he held on for a little bit when his bike slid under the back, he then came off and his head struck the back tire of the work truck and snaped it and one of the major vains to his brain.... As for her she is doing ok she has 2 broken bones and some road rash but will for the most part be fine.... They both had on all of there gear...
    I'm hoping by putting this up that it will make my fellow brothers and sisters that ride think about what they are doing before they push the limits on the bike.... I ride and know it's a hard thing to do but I know now that I will try more then ever to THINK before i TWIST......
    R-I-P Jerry L Salo jr... You were my brother and best friend........ Jeramy (WAZBURN)
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    such a shame man, i'm sorry, feel for yah



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      That sucks! Sorry for your loss.

      Lately there have been bieks down left and right. THis should be a wakeup call to us all to be responsible riders. There is a place and time to fool around. Know the difference!

      RIP Jerry Salo Jr
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        sorry to hear dude
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          yea sorry to hear about your loss. Just opens my eyes....even wider
          RIP Jerry


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            Rest in Peace Jerry L Salo jr
            Don't cha know the Yellow one's are fastest!


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              i am truely sorry for you, and the rest of your crew. i will pray for him...



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                Another story to keep from the family..especially the wife. Sorry for your loss.
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                  My condolences to your friends family. I am sorry to hear of your loss Jeramy. I can't begin to imagine how it would feel to lose any of my crew.
                  Your Friend in Sport,



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                    Sorry for your loss....
                    Rest in peace.
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                      Really sorry Jeramy.
                      Our thoughts are with you and Jerry L Salo Jr's family and friends.
                      May he rest in peace.

                      Take care of yourself Wazburn, and be thankful for all the beautiful times you spent with your friend.
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                        My condolences to you and your friends family...

                        Jeff P
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                          Condolences wazburn. That is terrible news.
                          All that we can take from this is that maybe some of us reading this story when riding will stop, think and live where we may not have.

                          RIP Jerry


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                            Originally posted by kwikryder
                            Lately there have been bieks down left and right. THis should be a wakeup call to us all to be responsible riders. There is a place and time to fool around. Know the difference!
                            The sad thing is.. it always seems like "lately".. but the truth is it never stops I used to go fast around corners, over hills and stuff, until I drove past an accident where a guy had come over a crest at speed, into a car that had decided to stop Now I only go fast where I will slow down before turns/crests etc.

                            Jeramy.. that sucks... my condolences. A miracle at that speed he managed to save his lady though.
                            Used to ride a '01 TLR


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                              My condolences to your friends family and friends
                              Honda's are like a padded bra....all show no go!!