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recommendation for front stand that goes under steering stem

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  • recommendation for front stand that goes under steering stem

    hello guys,
    i want to raise my forks another 4mm.
    last time i suspended my lady from the rafters. i would like to purchase a front stand that goes under the steering stem.

    can anyone recommend a brand that fits. i understand that some work better than others.


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    Pit Bull!


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      craz, do you have a part number or model? thanks!


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        Pit Bull Newfront w/pin #6


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          excellent. just ordered one direct from pitbull. $170 including shipping to my door.

          thank you!


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            Thank YOU N2.. I'll be borrowing it shortly!
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              Re: recommendation for front stand that goes under steering stem

              Originally posted by N2wheelies
              i suspended my lady from the rafters
              Used to ride a '01 TLR


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                I use the LP stand and it was 80 dollars plus 10 shipping and it comes with all the pins you will ever need. or at least 5 of them anyway.
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                  if you get a pitbull new front with the #6 pin (which i did and love), remember to take the 2 bolts out that mount the horn bracket and put the horn to the side. makes life alot easier

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                    Uhhh pitbull new front. I don't think anything else compares.


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                      Just remember that the pin does go in a certain way. I put it in backwards once and the stand got stuck in the lower triple I had to hang the front end from the rafters and use a rubber mallet to get the pitbull out.
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