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  • Suspension rebuilds!

    Ok, so after my recent outing.. at Eastern Creek... I hate my bike...

    Sporting Ohlins gear and Rennsports tyres, I was sure I was going to nock ~3 seconds off my already mediocre lap times of 1:58...

    Instead.. I was lapping around 2:10!.., the bike was feeling *very* nervous, so after 2 sessions, I raised the front by pulling the fork legs back up to closer to the original spec, which helped stability a lot, but the bike is still just not right.. This dropped my times to around 2:05.. but it just feels like the front and rear are not connected at all. What makes things worse is I rode an R1 on the weekend, even with the standard suspension settings that thing felt 10000000x better then mine...

    Soo.. my logic is that there is nothign wrong with my actual suspension, that can't be cured by re-vavling and correct setup. Everyone always sais that the TL's dont favour the light riders.. and they don't get much lighter

    I want my TL to seriously rail, who do I talk to about getting my TL to handle?! - Is there any chance it will ever feel something like that R1? Or will she always be awkward to steer?

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    Can I ask who you got your Ohlins through and what it cost you ??
    I've heard that there are some shonky Ohlins's around. Send it to me and I'll give it a good testing for you


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      If you wanna go to Wallacia, 10 k south of Penrith then I cant recomend Terry Hay enough. Shock Treatment I think his biz is called. Check him out


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        If you wanted to whip it out and send it to Melbourne, Promeca has a pretty good rep.

        TonesTLR has had a fair bit of dealing with them, Peter is the one that fitted and revalved the Honda Blade shock for his TLR and he's pretty happy with th results.
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          Well, Mr Tax man is being very kind to me indeed this year. I was having nasty thoughts about trading the TL on a new gixxer.. but I've decided to drop some cash and get the suspension properly redone. I called Shock Treatment, Terry is unforunatly in QLD atm but he'll be back soon... It's about $700 for gold valves all round and installation.. That doesn't include the price of any springs that I will most likely need... ouch.


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            I recently bought a shock conversion kit from Promecha and found the experience...ah...less than pleasant. If you don't live in Melbourne I wouldn't deal with him because I found him to be extremely unreliable and often uncontactable. I live in Perth and I can assure you its a terrible feeling being thousands of k's away from the bloke you've forked out $740 to for parts which were supposed to arrive weeks ago and the bloke won't answer the phone for days at a time and NEVER ONCE returns a phone message, fax or e-mail. And then when you finally get hold of him he lies to you and tells you he's posted it when he hasn't...

            'Nuff said...


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              Promeca had a good reputation.
              "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"