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    Hey fellas...first off, great guys are really helpful, especially for a rookie like me..Anyways, I just put on Leo Vince cans, which sound mean, and I have been told that i need to get it rejetted and i have been told that i dont need to. the people who told me i didnt need to said that I could put in a power commander if it starts to pop and backfire...anyone know what Im supposed to do?


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    you rejet carbs and you remap fuel injected bikes. Your bike needs a remap with a yosh box or you need to install a PCII to map your fuel injection appropriatly so that it doesn't backfire.
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      Does the PCII add much HP or is it just to smooth out the exhaust?

      Leo Vince F/S? K&N filter PCII Switchable TRE Goodridge SS lines w/ six pots Extreme Graphics Undertail Pyramid Hugger Coerce Sprocket Cover


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        i run full system yosh rs3 and no remap and barely any backfiring. only after i let off the throttle after giving her some serious hell do i shoot 1.5 foot flames..... according to two dynojet250's, my bike is not ever dangerously lean. but i will get a pc2 this winter. and a full remap in spring (custom). also ditch your PAIR valve, that should keep her from popping


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          it will give you more hp, on top, and definitely in the midrange... also will make her run really smooth..


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            No NEED for remap with slip-ons...but it would, of course, help---even if you had stock exhaust
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              The PCII allows you to control the fuel delivery on your bike. As godtilla said, you don't NEED to re-map your EFI system because you are running slip-on's, though re-mapping will optimize the performance of your bike.

              Being that you have freed up your exhaust, a remap (in this case to add a little more fuel) wouldn't be a bad idea.

              The Dynojet Power Commander II is a great tuning tool. As I said before, it allows you to alter the fuel delivery of your stock EFI system. By itself the PCII can (and if done right) does add a little more power, but when mated to a high flow intake airfilter, a less restrctive exhaust (like you've done) and possibly a slightly hotter running ignition (with removed factory restrictions) the PCII can be an instrumental part in large horsepower gains for "bolt on" accessories.

              More Gas + More Air + Hotter (or longer) spark + Easier flowing exhaust = more Horse Power.

              Factories tend to deliver bikes running LEAN in order for their bikes to pass the Emission Laws here so a PCII would be a good idea even if you hadn't installed your new Mufflers.

              You may want to look into getting a TRE (Timing Retarder Eliminator) before spending the money for a PCII if all you want is for your bike to run smoothly. The TRE does NOT effect the fuel delivery but it does advance the timing in the lower RPM range and may help you out also. Good luck.
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                My TLS ran weak after I put on the slipons until I remapped it.

                PCII is neat, but just one more thing to break in my opinion..

                Now I just have to save up for the Teka unit!
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                  just because the other chaps are not being friendly...i think it is up to me to give you a huge welcome

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                    missed it, welcome to the planet.

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                      So a newbi welcome
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                        heres another newbie with a question. I was looking at the maps on their website (PC II) and I was wondering if you can also use the maps for the european models.


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                          "Sorry Officer ! I thought you wanted to race"


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                            I know it's not nice to laugh.

                            Croseo to the Planet. Newbies.

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                              jees i almost forgot ...

                              welcome new member
                              "Sorry Officer ! I thought you wanted to race"