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Do any undertail exhaust system work???

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  • Do any undertail exhaust system work???

    Ok, from previous threads I have read that undertail exhausts on the TLR dont work, well they do but you loose to many HP.

    Well all of the custom one's do anyway.

    What about the Bos Exhaust underseat exhaust systemI know some work may be invoved in getting it to fit

    2006 749 Ducati and a 1998 TLR-1000 track bike

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    I don't think they wouldn't work. I think it is the way there built. If they flow the same why wouldn't they work. You might have an extra foot of pipe Look at Ducati and the new R1. Also look at the RC51 race bikes with the single pipe going from right to the left side and out under the seat. They were claiming it worked better for some tracks.
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      A little off the subject (kinda) but I thought the longer an exhaust pipe is, the more midrange a bike is supposed to have. That's why the Yoshimura Duplex Exhausts for the I-4's have them "inter-pipes" welded between the header pipes. I remember reading somewhere that these pipes "trick" the motor into "thinking" (LOL!) that the pipe was longer making for more midrange HP as well as the obvious benefits of equalling out the exhaust pressure between the pipes.

      I always wanted to ask this question everytime I looked at an undertail exhaust. That's why I was surprised when tiller2nv posted that his undertail exhaust lost a little power.

      Maybe it's a matter of re-mapping the EFI to suit the longer pipe to get maximum power gains. Anyways, good question Marshall. I am a firm believer of "Anything can be made to work."
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        I can make anything or if I throw enought dollars at it.
        2006 749 Ducati and a 1998 TLR-1000 track bike


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          I figgure it's all marketing. For the most power everyone went to a 4-1.. then a 4-2-1, but either way they were as straight and as equal length as possible.

          I think that if you took a 600RR or that new 2k4 R1 and put a straight pipe on it you would find another 5 ponies.
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