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Poser lean angle question.

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  • Poser lean angle question.

    I have a question curently Im running a 180rear. I checked it the other day and there are no trace of chicken strips on the rear.

    I dont have a cammera to get one of the guys to take a pic of me (posing) around our fav corner but what sort of lean angle is the bike at. To scrub the complete tyre


    PS: Flame on
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    Marshall, It's not that much, really, get a mate with a camera to stand behind the bike, then lean it over until the edge of the tyre is touching the ground and get him to snap it.

    When you're riding and the suspension is compressed and the tyre is deforming, the angle is probably even less than that.

    I could probably get shots of me going around a round-a-bout with my right knee on the deck with the bike nearly vertical.

    Scraping hard parts with the sag set correctly, now there's some serious (read dangerous) lean angles.
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      Originally posted by Steve TLS
      Scraping hard parts with the sag set correctly, now there's some serious (read dangerous) lean angles.
      Tell me about it...

      Have a read of this about lean angles... Click Me


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        Since there is rust on the chain I guess you did that whit a dremel
        Originally posted by TLCURT
        Because TL's fucking rock.

        It's a cult own one is to love one.


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          Move around on that bike Bern, there's some serious lean going on there. Hope you read the articles
          "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"


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            Nice chain, do you still ride with that thing?? I was embarassed when all my buddies were calling out my chain but now I have seen it all.

            Oh yeah back to the lean angle, I thought the hardparts were not supposed to touch the ground for fear they may catch something.

            Be careful dude save the scratching for the sliders, and pucks.
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              <img src="">


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                Holly crap people, would posting an updated pic help ease your minds? It was a wet summer, I was so eager to get out I didn't think to clean the chain. Let get over this and get back on topic.

                Yes, dragging hard parts is bad, especially when your knee is already sliding through the turn. In short it's a sign to slow the fuck down. But, the moment you touch a peg your not going to get ejected from the bike but it serves as a warning that if you don't know what your doing that just might happen.


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                  Here ya go Burn!
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                    damn burn! you are molesting those apexes aren't you.


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                      um burn...from the looks of those pegs, it is time to invest in some rearsets

                      i hated feeling those stock pegs fold up when they touched down.

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                        A few bumps mid corner at this angle will scrub the sidestand, and I'm not exactly sitting bolt upright.

                        And my suspension has been sorted. It doesnt take much, but as long as its on the track and not the road its still pretty safe.

                        Back to the topic, if your average weight and your running track pressure (around 30 in the rear) you can scrub in a tyre on a warmup lap, it doesnt take much lean at all, tyres deform alot under load.


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                          thanks rupes
                          2006 749 Ducati and a 1998 TLR-1000 track bike


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                            scrubbing the rear's easy, scrubbing the front is hard (esp. a mich 2 front).
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                              rear is easy to do, doing the front all the way like said above requires quite a bit more lean.

                              gotta get that beeaattchhh way over.. but remember, save it for the track.... the street is no place to be draggin knees or hardparts.