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Closest thing to an SV1000R

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  • Closest thing to an SV1000R

    I think this is as close as you're going to get, boys:

    The Slapper
    '03 TL1000R

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    i like it
    double bubble tinted screen, TLPlanet sticker (5hp), BRAKING rear wave rotor, Busa front calipers (Gold) Ivans TRE, Gixxer rear caliper (gold), Yoshi s/s cans, Galfer front & rear s/s lines, Galfer & EBC pads, Heel guards (magiver), TALON GOLD front & rear sprockets, 520 conversion, RK gold chain, Speedo Healer, Smoken's sliders, Bitubo steering damper, Clear clutch cover,GPI (pedro), Power commander,Tail raise spacers, Bitubo Rear Shock, Rifleman Gap Mod, ET's undertail, ufo tail light, yoyodine led indicators, licence plate holder, Tinted headlight protector, GCC tank protector,

    Waiting for: carbon air intake covers, carbon mini hugger

    To be fitted:
    Race Tech springs, Race Tech Gold valves, Brembo clutch master cylinder,

    <a href=""><img src=""</img></a>

    <a href="">
    <img src=""


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      "I spent most of my money on Scotch, women and cigarettes. The rest I just wasted"


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        Not exactly the full on superbike we all want, but it does look very nice


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          i like that. what are the power ratings on the SV1000S? just outta curiousity. also, how much are they retailing for?


          Parting out 2 bikes. Let me know what you may need.


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            That is f_ckin ugly!
            Take it out back it put it to rest.
            Sorry, but thats a no go.
            How about
            <img src=>
            I know nothing about bikes.


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              Just wait........................
              [email protected]


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                Originally posted by Steve TLS
                PCIIIUSB::CZ wheels::Akra f/s custom cans&hangers::Bitubo shock::GSXR750 K4 legs::R1 calipers::GSXR K2 rear caliper::ExtremeTech damper::Race rearsets::Joe V mod::K&N filter::Van's CCC+PP::Barnett springs::GiPro ATRE::1/5 throttle::C/F mirrors+hugger+fender+tankprotector::LP screen::mod subframe w/ gap tray::undertail::flush indicators::Van's rear cup::Brembo 19x18::Braided lines::Galfer wave rear rotor::Speedking mod OEM rotors::Van's ecc::WC clipons::520 @ 16/40::Van's spr cover::TWM cap::


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                  I my opinion the TLS looks like it was styled by one person and as such was a little ahead of its time , you just need to compare with the Honda VTR which has dated a lot worse over the last couple of years . I personaly like the rounded yet agressive lines of the TLS and the TLR followed in the same mould .

                  The SV looks like has been designed by at least 3 different people who only compared notes when they were finished. I am not a fan of the angular look at any time and seriously think it will date quickly. The heavy looking frame completely overpowers the bike and the fairing looks like a afterthought that is visualy too far forward . The tank is just plain ugly . I doesnt come together that well in colours .
                  The silver ones look better as the frame is less overpowering.
                  There were some pictures posted that had fairings that covered the frame and they improved the look a lot .

                  Thats my Rant on the SV , I will wait for the next model and hope.

                  1997 TLS , Stock apart from Neptune Cans and Ohlins rear Shock ad TLS 6 pot brakes


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                    What are you planning Pierre?!!


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                      Hmmm, Hammerit? Suzuki still castrated the engine. But it might end up looking fast.
                      Don't know how it works? Take it apart and find out!


                      Here's how it sounds.


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                        Originally posted by Hammerit
                        Just wait........................
                        Please tell us... what, what we want to know!
                        Just a few mods:

                        Silver, the fastest color!

                        On the inside - HID type bulbs, K&N filter, Iridium ix plugs, 16T front sprocket, Coerce billet sprocket cover, Yosh re-map +5, +5, +5 11 o'clock, Scorpio SE-i500 system from my GB and an ATRE.

                        On the outside - TLR forks, front carbon fender, 5/8th master brake cylinder, black SS brake lines (frnt & rear), braking waves all around with Ti bolts, Brembo gold front calipers & a busa gold rear caliper, flush mount signals (frnt & rear), ZG DB scr


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                          where are those sneak peaks your promised a while back...
                          <img src="">


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                            Originally posted by yeller_twin
                            Suzuki still castrated the engine.
                            1HP between it and the TLS and 7 between it and the TLR but weighs less than both.
                            RIP Ron
                            Sept. 12 2004


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