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    I dont mean to bring down the party, but yesterday I witnessed a horrible accident. traveling home on a country road, an R1 raced by me, probably about 100mph. He went around a bend in the road and as I came around the bend I saw him as he applied the brakes for a van that was turning left crossing our lane. He T-boned the Van at the front wheel and his bike exploded into flames. I had to pull him from the flames, but he was dead on impact. There was nothing that I could do. Thank God, no one in the van(4 kids) was hurt seriously.
    Now, I know that he nor anyone out there, no matter the skill level, could have been able to avoid that situation, but please try to be careful out there and think about the risks you take. No one ever deserves that, not those involved, not the family. So, just think about that...I know I will never forget this incident or what it has taught me.

    brother in sport,

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    That's terrible news RIP
    God bless their families and yours.

    Be safe everyone.
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      Tragic indeed.

      No amount of skill can compensate for excessive speed, if you're going speed make sure you can see further than the distance you need to stop. That doesn't take much skill.
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        wow, how horrific. I hope you can still ride, i know it has been hard for me to ride after some of the things I have seen

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          Once you reach a decent skill level and are comfortable at "speed", the speed you are willing to use on the street depends not so much on your skill but more on how big a bet you are willing to blindly place that the exit of the onrushing corner you are about to enter is free of a u-turning minivan.

          Track days really are not that expensive. That realization hits home extra clear when I read stuff like this. God, I hate to see stuff like this. Seems like alot lately too.

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            What a shame
            Now I know that I'm not the most law abiding citizen around but there is the time and a place for all sorts of riding. Mind you that still doesn't stop some incidents that are out of your control such a car on the wrong side of the road as what happened to me.
            Anyway excessive speed = trackday = fun. Besides if I wipe out on the track I'm not going to ruin other families lives with horror sights of what has been mentioned. RIP
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              Wow, you're a true Hero, you couldn't do anything to save him but it sounds like you did everything you could. A lot of people in this world would have picked up a cell phone and been to afraid to do anything on their own, to help someone in need, God wanted him elsewhere though:



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                RIP rider....

                I feel very fortunate to ride my TL in a land that was brought up with two wheeled vehicles around on a daily basis. Japan is a culture that is used to two wheelers and cars tend to pay more attention to us around them.
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                    Originally posted by Steve TLS
                    Tragic indeed.

                    No amount of skill can compensate for excessive speed, if you're going speed make sure you can see further than the distance you need to stop. That doesn't take much skill.

                    God advice
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                          RIP to him and his family
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                            You're a hell of a guy.. Pulled him from the flames? whew..

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                              R.I.P R1 rider
                              You have a good point there nobody deserves to go like that.
                              Originally posted by TLCURT
                              Because TL's fucking rock.

                              It's a cult own one is to love one.