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  • 03 the last year?

    A kid (maybe 21 years old) at the Honda Kawi Suzi shop here in town (the worst service in Idaho as well) told me that 2003 was the last year for the tiller. Is this true? He is selling his tiller consignment at the shop because he just found out the his wife is having twins. So I guess he is trading his twin for twins...

    Back to the point, he told me that they are stopping the TL1000R because Suzuki is making the SV1000. If this is true I think it is so !

    From everything I have heard about the SV1000S is that it sucks for a sportsbike. Good for a fun bike....

    Some one please tell me the truth!
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    Hey you are lucky, some markets didn't even get the '03
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      Last year they said '02 was the last year, this year they are saying '03 is the last year. They don't sell it in some other countries now. Who knows? It's still popular up here I think (local shop always sells out of them) but Suzuki hasn't put any more development into is since they put it out so that should tell you something...

      It's still a great bike and will be for some time to come!


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        Yes, the 'ol TLR is being discontinued for 2004. At least that's what everyone here has been saying. I'm not thinking it's due to the SV1000S though. That's really not the same type of bike (other than engine configuration). To tell the truth, I'm surprised the TL lasted as long as it did considering it was designed as a superbike racing platform that was more or less still-born. That it lasted 5 years just goes to show how cool a concept it was, but it's not universally functional like the SV1000 and as a race-rep, it's got no win on Sunday, sell on Monday appeal. With the move my Suzuki to race the 1000cc I4's, it's unlikely Suzuki will be building a serious V-Twin sportbike in the future. It seems that has been pretty much left up to the Italians... You'll probably be seeing more of their v-twin engines in functional-style bikes like the SV and V-Strom, etc.
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          Monkeyclaw, you're we need the time and seconds on post times!
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            They pulled the TL from Suzuki canada, and a couple other places too.

            I think its over :dunno
            May 2003
            August 2004


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              that's been the more TLs....SVR in the future



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                My 02 was the last year make here in canada.. that should make my bike worth 20 K in 5 years... or about 1000 US...
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                  Why kill a good thing? I guess the amrket is 97% I4.

                  I don't get it. I love the Twins. I like the 4 bangers, but there is just something about a twin. I don't want the race ready RC-51, and I don't like the SVS. I have a Ducati and I don't want to keep her, and there is no way I am getting a cruiser until I am 55 or 60. All the other twins are WAY too much $$$.

                  Oh-well, hopefully the guy looking at my bike today will buy it. I am more than willing to walk home from work!
                  If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.


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                    I hope it does not go away. I personaly do not have one but have heard good things about them so looking into getting one.

                    like that it is different and gives you something else besides the every day I4.

                    hope they don't stop making them untill I save enough money to buy one.


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                      The wise thing to do would have been to make the SV1000 what it is and the SVS TLR style serious. Then the bikes would have some real differentiation.

                      I imagine Honda will discontinue the Superhawk and, after their latest I4 literbike is introduced, the RC51.

                      Seems odd. The older crowd, who actually has money to spend, has a hankering for twins. Cruisers certainly prove that point. Ducati and Aprilia are doing well. There has to be a mass market for an up to the minute yet broad range street oriented Japanese sport twin. Aprilia, and perhaps KTM, seem to be honing in on it. The Aprilia and, likely, the KTM are too expensive to truly hit that bullseye though.

                      If Suzuki would make an up to the minute (ala GSXR) in TLR1000 form and price it at 10K, I think they would sell lots of 'em to balding fat guys with money like us
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                        However, if Suzuki was to put some effort into the TLR I think it would draw alot more attention than just from older riders.


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                          My -00 was the last year here in Sweden. That doesnt matter to me though, I love my bike and Iīm keeping it for a long time. Maybe some of you think Iīm for saying this, but (pricetag disregarded) I seriously wouldnīt trade her for anything on the market. RSV, 998, SP1/SP2... whatever, I wouldnīt trade.

                          Now if you throw the price difference in, then yes, I would trade... only to get another TLR and do something else with the money left over. Maybe goodies for the TLR.

                          The only other bike I would seriously consider is if they were to make a SV1000R, with similar styling as the TLR (like the picture somebody posted a while back) only a bit updated, but I doubt thatīs gonna happen.

                          So the only reason I see that would make me get something else is if my financial situation got worse somehow, then I would get a cheaper bike, like a Yamaha TRX 850 or something.
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                            This makes our bikes even more desirable. Ducatis are very common here and i see more of them than i do TL's
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                              if suzuki makes a sv1000r and does what they need to do to it to make it an even better bike than the tls or tlr, then i would hop on that asap (money being no problem of course). after what ive seen with my roomies fiance's ducati, i would have a very tough time buying one of those fickle italian jobbies. (2500 miles now leftover 02 620 monster.... needs new pistons, cylinders, heads, and rings. wow. i am glad that thing has a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty. cause its out the door as soon as that warranty is up!)