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Check these laws out!!!!

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  • Check these laws out!!!!

    Motorcycle Helmet Laws And Accessories

    Some of these laws are bull$!%#!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yes, and there aren't enough of us to win even if we wanted to.

    We aren't politically correct. Just ask smokers (yeah, that's me).. Smoking is evil and bad for you.. Therefore it's ok for the state to TAX the hell out of your smokes and use that $$ for whatever they want. And NO it does NOT all go to anti-smoking causes. Asa matter of fact MOST of it doesn't (newborn babies in OC get $50 in free books from tobacco taxes.. THEY CAN'T READ! )

    So, we're screwed..
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      I see that Texas scored an A for it's support of motorcyclists and is not even listed under the many states with BS laws. Just one more reason to love living here.


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        NO HELMET LAW IN IOWA! But, I still wear mine most of the time. Its nice on those really HOT summer days to go for a ride with out it.


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          I like how it's legal to white line here in CA, but it's illegal to do just about anything else...
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            I hate to end up on the downside of biker "rights" but....

            Operating a motor vehicle is a privelege not a right. The state sets the laws for vehicle operation. Someone saying that not wearing a helmet or seatbelt is my "right" is as wrong as someone saying I can ride the wrong way down a one way street.
            It simply comes down to basic common sense.... the average american today lets everyone "look out" for them. They want laws to cover everything. Hence all the extra restrictions.
            On the other hand, I doubt anyone can argue the fact that in the majority of scenarios helmets and seatbelts save lives. Even with laws, most folks are simply too damned stupid or stubborn to wear either.

            For those who argue "rights", save it. Last time you got on an airplane, were you ordered to wear a seatbelt? Yep...why, because someone figured out that wearing that belt might just minimize injury during landing and takeoff. Yeah, it won't save you if ya nosedive into the ground, no shit!
            But it might keep you alive or prevent injury during some minor turbulance or aborted takeoff.
            Helmet laws are the same...sure they don't work all the time, but I have read about way too many folks cracking open their skulls on a curb at 15 mph. to NOT wear one.

            Sad to say, 90% of the anti-helmet law folks are Harley riders.... poor bastages can't even ride a bike and they still want to be protected from applying a little common sense to what is inherently a dangerous activity.

            /end rant
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              I like helmet laws. This way those newbies out there will be forced to wear a helmet. I know when I started that I didn't strap mine on all the time. Now it's a must. I've had a few fall offs and no matter how hard you try your head will probably hit the deck. I had the smallest of wrecks in a parking lots (screwing around) and come to find out my helmet hit the deck. I was pissed, but glad it wasn't my head.
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                We just invoked the left turn on red law here in TN. But, you can't just do it at any red light.. the light switch must prove faulty just so bikers can't make left turns through all red lights.



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                  what about in RI? its illegal to not wear your seatbelt yet there is no helmet law friggen idiots.


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                    I for one, am for helmet least till someone has two-3 years then, it becomes habit anyway.
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