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Need to chang a clip-on!

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  • Need to chang a clip-on!

    All right I need to change the right clip-on on my new TLR. It kinda looks like a pain in the ass

    Anybody have any advice on how to change it out.....or how not to change it out?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    It's easy, just remove all the bolts holding the upper triple clamp and slide it off the forks. Then remove throttle housing..etc and slide the clip-on up and away. slide the new one on and replace the triple. If you have trouble removing the triple clamp just push the front tire against a solid object ,concrete wall/truck tire that will take the weight off the forks and make it much easier.

    You might need a #25 safety torx bit to remove the ignition:dunno
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      Thank you SDTLR! I was hoping someone was going to say that

      I always like to "size-up" a job before I start tearin' stuff apart.


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        the ignition is a size T40 saftey torx bit...........
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