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My Buddy Chad got an Arai RX7RR helmet today

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  • My Buddy Chad got an Arai RX7RR helmet today

    That thing is S-I-C-K!!!!!

    How sad is it when the Boss buys KBC helmets and his worker buys Arai's?!?! LOL! (I am the greatest boss in the world by the way)

    He got the McCoy replica, and while the graphics aren't the greatest the helmet itself is way KEWL. And LIGHT as well! What a big difference from the last Arai I owned (Signet). I was surprised how well KBC copied Arai's venting system...well...ripped off is more like it! LOL! In any case, the Arai is very nice. So, if you are a rich man like my buddy (and employee) Chad, go get yourself an Arai RX7RR helmet, them things are beautiful!!!

    Man...I gotta pay myself better....
    Your Friend in Sport,


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    I've got an RX-7RR3, can't fault it except the wind noise seems high.

    I bought it the same time I bought the TL, so it might just be that I sit right in the airstream from the screen on the bike, because if I duck an inch lower or higher it seems to help and I've never riden any distance on the bike with any of my spare (old) helmets.

    But for fit and finish, 10/10.
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      I have a quantum/f Okada-3(blue) and I love it. It's not an RX7RR, but it's still a great helmet. And it matches the Tiller too!
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        The venting is the only thing I like better on my RX7. The quantum F was just as light and quieter. Well, it also looks better with those big ass vents on top.
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        Sept. 12 2004


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          I had a RX-7RR3 with my last Gixxer. I bought the KRJR RR4 when I bought my TLR. Both helmets are really good and the RR4 suffers the same problem that Steve mentioned about his RR3, windnoise. It does get to be a bit much if you're riding for awhile.


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            Is anyone interested in knowing that I too... own an Arai helmet? We should start a club or something
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              TL1000R -99. Yellow/Black.
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                PutteLiten, you beat me to it!

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                  The best helmet is like the best bike and similarily most but not all the best ones are expensive, but not all of them
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                    SHOEI! SHOEI! SHOEI!

                    Sorry, had to break up all the Arai hugging in here...
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                      (and Simpson...put up with the noise!)
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                        Arai RX7-RR4
                        SOLD! 2002 Suzuki TL1000R - Blue/White
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