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Dangers of running lean...

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  • Dangers of running lean...

    What exactly are they when you change your exhaust?
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    I would at least remap with a yosh box because bikes are borderline lean from the factory to meet emmisions. The remap would be money well spent escpecially if you put on a full system. Running lean will make your engine run hot and if its too lean could do even more damage but I dont think changing the exhaust will do that
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      Running very lean could burn a hole in your piston(s)
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        if your just talking about puttin on slip-ons or bolt-ons you'll be fine. but yes a full system i would definitely use a power commander and get a custom map.
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          I put Yosh slip ons on my Tiller and had it dynoed with an exhaust gas sniffer. The guy running the dyno said that he didn't want to run my bike because it was so lean (14.5-15:1). He ran it anyway, and I want out and bought a Yosh box the next day to remap. I havent' noticed any damage (I ran the slip ons for about 1000 miles before I remapped, and not very hard they were break-in miles), but I'm interested to look at the pistons if I ever tear down the motor.

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            *thread ressurection*

            My TL has 9,000 miles on it and a full M4 system and no power commander. I just bought it like 2 weeks ago, i don't know how long the pipes have been on there but it seems fine.


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              You won't hole a piston with just pipes.
              It'd be a good idea to remap, but you're not going to hurt anything if you don't