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got my TLS finally

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  • got my TLS finally

    it was delivered yseterday She is beat to hell but the engine runs real good, the forks are strsaight as well as the frame. It's all cosmetic, the sub frame is snapped in to, but everything that hooks up to the subframe is in good condition. Not bad for $1600

    BTW, does anyone know if a subframe from a 1997 will work on my 2001?

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    Congrats!! Yes, the 2001 should fit your 97!


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      congrats.. is it all the subframe? How many miles? and where did you buy her from?


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        lets see some before pics..............and congradulations
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          Congrats but
          Originally posted by TLCURT
          Because TL's fucking rock.

          It's a cult own one is to love one.


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            nice price congrats!

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            August 2004


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              Is this where you get that good ol' fashion welcome?


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                I posted pics here, enjoy



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                  That looks like an easy repairer. Good luck with your project
                  Retired the TLR for a Gixxer 1K. Sorry boys I sold you out


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                    welcome,, and thanks for the pics...


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                      wtf happened to the tank did something fall from the sky or is the last owner sporting a set of sore balls
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                      Waiting for: carbon air intake covers, carbon mini hugger

                      To be fitted:
                      Race Tech springs, Race Tech Gold valves, Brembo clutch master cylinder,

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                        The sides of the fairing are amazingly unmolested. Looks like a stoppie that went bad to me.
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                          Welcome to TLPLANET! I just got my TL recently. There was a bunch of tanks for sale on e-bay. They aren't the same color, but they all look in good shape and the prices are low. There is also a subframe for sale. Good luck with the rebuild, shouldn't take you long.
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                            for the lazy (like me):

                            Originally posted by Duken4evr
                            The sides of the fairing are amazingly unmolested. Looks like a stoppie that went bad to me.
                            notice how the fairing stay is squashed flat. this one went straight over . wouldnt think that is possible with the 4 pot tokicos

                            be nice to her and bring her back to life

                            2000 tillis plus stuff with some polished stuff and some carbon fiber stuff and a little bit of tlr stuff and some gsxr stuff

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                              kevh, i pulled a mad ass stoppie (well for me) a week ago. went so far up that i started to slide up (actually down ) the gas tank. ass end was wayyyy up there. wish i had a pic, cause i aint doing it again. very very freaky. all on completely stock brakes, and even brake fluid that needs a change...