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Impromptu stop light drag session

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  • Impromptu stop light drag session

    I decided to take my TLS for a little spin today after watching the kids for 6 hours, I deserved it.

    Took a spin along Pacific Coast highway to check out the beach. Up ahead there is a red stoplight with a big long line of cars. This being SoCal, I lane split up to the front, past probably 30 cars.
    At the front of the line to my right was a brand new Subaru WRX turbo ricecar. Sweet car, but I did not pay much attention.

    Light turns green and I do my "standard lane split launch" pretty brisk to get out in front of any jealous SUV driving assholes, but nothing too serious, shift at 6,000 ish at most, part throttle. After having done so, I look to my right. WRX boy's left front tire is right there. We both left the SUV to my left far behind. I move to the left lane.

    Hmm. I am at 6,500 or so in first and was about to shift but instead given the presence of the WRX and my frisky state of mind, I dial up full throttle. The good old TLS rears back into a nice hanging wheelie. I run it up to 9K then ease off a bit, set it down gently and shift into second and pin it again briefly, then back off and hit 3rd quick as I am probably doing about 75 in a 55 zone. WRX guy was not far behind me. He catches up with me and gave me a big thumbs up. We get to the next light and he says "that thing sounds bad ass and goes like hell!" I tell him he has a nice car and that it rips (which it did).

    Pretty impressive car. Had I known I was gonna drag race somebody and did not care about getting busted, I woulda smoked alot harder out of the hole and not backed off, but he was able to stay with me during a pretty decent run. Not bad for 4 wheels. Glad to see he is breaking it in right
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    Had to do it


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      Sweet! Nice one Duke

      those WRX's haul ass!!
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        We've had the 'REX's' out here in Oz for a few years now....they go like schit off a shovel. Popular with the young-bucks, and with thieves too, unfortunately, for many owners. Frequently used in 'smash and grab' robberies, where they usually outran the police high-power pursuit cars!
        So what do the cops do....they get REX's for unmarked pursuit cars!
        Gotta be careful these days.....I wouldn't have had the nerve to do what you did, in case it was one of our finest!!!!!


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          Originally posted by TL4LIFE

          Had to do it

          if you had time to back off then you had time to take pictures, now we want our pictures
          <img src="">


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            Originally posted by ratTLeR
            So what do the cops do....they get REX's for unmarked pursuit cars!
            Smart cops! Kinda like the Germans in their M5's!
            That car does rock though, and I think it looks good too, blue and gold
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              I think as standard the WRX's are speed limited out here to 180km/h and you have to pay $$$ to get them chipped to defeat it?

              I know two people with STi's and they came std with imobilisers fitted to help stop the thieving, they've also got anti car jacking as well, a big pain in the arse if the driver opens the door with the car running.
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                Good Story Duken!

                A little zoom-zoom, but didn't get outta hand.. just fun!

                Those cars ARE fast.. and that's probably the normal WRX.. The STI is commin over w/300 hp..
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                  i had an impromtu stoplight drag against an r1 tonight, it had been awhile since i did anything like that (been extra careful not to get picked up for the last several months, too many points against my license).

                  my regular riding buddies have all been out of commision most of this summer, ones got a kid on the way, another moved away, anothers bikes broken, so anyway i havent been street-racing at all for awhile, and not against the latest bikes. i've finally got the tlr tuned so smoothly that it almost doesnt feel as 'racey' as when it would buck and stumble, and i was starting to wonder if it was down on power of something. and i hadnt really ringed it out much since the last mods.

                  so me and this guy on an 03 r1, a black one with the burgandy flame paint and a high mount mig pipe, lined up at the light behind a couple cars, looked at eachothers bikes, gave eachother a nod, and then he lane-split to the front of the cars. i followed suit between different lanes, but was on the outside of the left turning lane, he got around the turn in front, i followed him at about 7 grand in 1st until we got around a car and got some space to get on the throttle, he nailed it slightly ahead of me after he cleared the car and started pulling away hard and then i nailed it a split second after him. at about 9500rpm or so my rear tire broke loose for a moment and then seemed to hook up as i got some clean pavement, i banged second fast and gunned it, reeling him back in to a bike length, he shifted and then as he hit his powerband was pulling away slightly, but i shifted fast into third just as i hit the 'soft' rev-limiter (i disconnected the wire for the first 'hard' rev limiter recently, gained an extra 500 rpms, feels stronger, no problems so far, no abrupt cut off either which is sweet) pulled him back in again, we're doing about a buck twenty or so down this long dark mostly deserted city street along a warehouse district, i was on him like glue about a bike length back, he couldnt pull away and he was wringing the bikes neck. then we both braked as we came upon a rotary, circled around and went seperate ways.

                  so i was happy with the results, the big ol' girl held her own real good against a new piped r1 and felt really strong. couldnt sleep after that so i figured i'd ramble on here about it for awhile and contribute to the impromtu stop light drag thread. the new r1 really is a nice bike and sounded pretty sweet. but i have no plans to buy another bike anytime soon (even thought the 04's have me drooling) and really don't care too, especially with the tiller running so strong and handling so nice with the new ohlins, its a good bike with plenty of performance and tons of character.
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