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Gotta love UPS!!!!

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  • Gotta love UPS!!!!

    The friendly UPS guy stopped at my work today to drop off my Scotts oil Filter and Switchable TRE from !

    Now I just have to wait for the motor to come in and lots of goodies are going on!!!

    Items to go into the new motor:

    Mobile 1
    Scotts oil Filter
    Manual fan switch
    Switchable TRE
    Engine Ice
    Block off plates

    That's about it off of the top of my head. Lot to balance huh!?

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    It's a secondhand motor yeah? Hasn't got new rings? If it has new rings, hold off on the Mobil 1 for a couple of changes, then use it.

    How long utill it's on the road?
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      Hopefully I'll be on the road this weekend! We'll be putting the motor in either Wednesday or Thursday. I can't wait, should be one hell of a learing session! I love that stuff!


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        Good Luck Sweet! Hoe the scotts works out for ya.. I just don't have the desire to spend the $$$ on that yet...
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