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TLR gas tank capacity

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  • TLR gas tank capacity

    Just bought my 01 tlr last week. After a couple of days my fuel light came on and starting blinking. Being pretty familiar with gsxr fuel lights and capacity I knew I had enough to get home before it went solid. When I filled up the next day it only took 3.3 gallons and that was pushing it. According to the owners manaul the tank holds 4.5 gallons and the fuel light shouldn't come on until there is a gallon left. After my light started blinking I probably put another 20 or so miles until I filled up. My question is this: Is my fuel light coming on prematurely or did I just not get enough gas in there when I filled up .
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    gas light

    No they all do that. If i fill up when my light starts flashing i only put in 2.5 gallons. I dont wanna find out the hard way how long i can go. If anyone is planning on taking there gas tanks off a S or R maybe they can go to a gas station with a empty tank and see how much it will really hold. Dustin


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      members on this board have already done that test. SteveTLS got 16.8L I think in the 17L tank.
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        Got 16.92

        The light will go on solid after the flashing.

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          classic steve
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