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  • Hammerit Tail Help

    I am in the process of installing my new Hammerit TLR-R tail section and need some help. Actually, it's the undertail that's the problem. The tail is bolted in and looks good, but I cannot get that undertail in place. Am I supposed to trim it to fit or something? If anyone has installed one of these things, let me know what the trick is on getting that undertail installed. Thanks...
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    Re: Hammerit Tail Help

    Originally posted by klhoskins
    Am I supposed to trim it to fit or something?
    Straight from Hammerit's web page:

    The Hammerit TLR/R Undertail.

    The undertail is not a straight bolt on like the RR tail.

    It is tricky to install.

    You need patience and a clear mind, so it's best to do it over a weekend and don't have too many beers while fitting the undertail.

    If you're not good with your hands we suggest you get someone to help you, or have a reputable bike shop fit the undertail for you....

    ...All you need to do is trim the Hammerit Undertail to clear the bungy hook bars on your stock subframe. As we said, the undertail is not a straight bolt on.
    I haven't fit mine yet either, but I'm expecting to do a lot of cutting, sanding, fitting, etc to get it right.


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      Either trim the undertail to the bungee hooks or trim the bungees to the undertail...
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        Re: Re: Hammerit Tail Help

        Originally posted by Wingspan
        Straight from Hammerit's web page:

        It should read: A lot of bitchin and $%^#$ will go into the fitting of this undertail

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