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  • vibrations

    my tls is vibrating at high revs
    it starts at 5500 and gets worse
    i can't ride more then 100 km and then have to stop because of
    sleeping hands and feet
    valve clearence is cheked and also synchroom
    anywone with an idea please
    thanks pascal
    twins rule !!!

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    Tires maybe


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      Welcome!! As far as your vibration..welcome to the wonderfull world of V-twins!
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        vibrates in all gears above 5500rpm. or just at speed?

        oh yeah and welcome


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          but welcome
          Originally posted by TLCURT
          Because TL's fucking rock.

          It's a cult own one is to love one.


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            it is even at stand still
            and it started 3 months ago and is getting worse
            anyone ?
            twins rule !!!


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              Getting worse, makes it difficult, like something is changing, if it was missmatched pistons or rods, you'd think it would remain the same.

              Got a mate with a TL you can test ride, just to see if it is typical V2 vibes you can feel?

              What bar ends have you got on it? Also under the top triple clamp are rubber mounted weights, are they there?

              Ever had the clutch apart or the clutch cover off? I :dunno, just fishing.
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                i am going to test drive the new sv 1000
                so i can compaire
                i have never had the clutch off
                greetz pascal
                twins rule !!!


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                  I would have said bar ends, but that wouldn't transfer to the pegs. And if it does it at standstill it's not going to be tyres or chain... so head scratching time

                  Go over the whole bike and look for any loose fasteners, especially engine mount bolts... Good luck, keep us posted!
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                    Oh, and welcome!
                    The Weaver bird has little brain, it weaves about from lane to lane... that'd be me then...


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                      wow! Well that is a little scary... welcome

                      I was thinking bar ends also... if you get it diagnosed, please reply so others who end up with this problem can get help

                      If it makes you feel better my hands used to fall asleep 100% of the time but it went away with time


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                        i tested the new sv 1000 and it is virating just as bad as my tl so
                        no problem then just have to live with it
                        thanks you guys
                        greetz pascal
                        twins rule !!!


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                          that should be vibrating off course
                          twins rule !!!


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                            glad theres nothing wrong with it.

                            i've never had the sleeping hands and feet after 100 k's though.