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Putting in my motor today!

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  • Putting in my motor today!


    Today is the day were the myself and the guy I bought the bike from are putting in the new motor. The old motor was knocking like a mad man and I told him about it and he figured he'd save time by just picking up a slightly used motor and doing a couple compression tests on it rather than fat around with the one in there now.


    I've got lots O goodes lined up to go one/ in!!! Engine Ice and Manual fan switch to keep my ass cool, block off plates to somewhat retard the backfiring, a switchable TRE, scott's oil filter, mobile 1, and probably a few other things I forgot about! I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER DAMMIT!!!

    Things should go really smooth, wish me luck!

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    Good luck!
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      good luck ....don't forget to take some pics
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        Good luck and:
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          Myabe I'm just unlucky, but I've learned the hard way that what can go wrong...............will Good luck...
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            Good luck.. Take picks WHILE disasembling so you remember how to put it back together!

            Without pics the Ninja would have beena biatch..
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              Good luck and ofcourse
              Originally posted by TLCURT
              Because TL's fucking rock.

              It's a cult own one is to love one.


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                All the luck to you...I hate it when projects take twice as long as they should...
                Be good, and if you can't be really, REALLY bad!!


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