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  • Airbox

    I recall seeing a link for this Airbox on the former Ultimate TL Gallery, but I have never know anyone to purchase the Hermit Airbox. Anyone here every use, or hear anything? Opinions

    check it out.

    kiss me where it smells funny
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    Not me so I canīt help you sorry
    Originally posted by TLCURT
    Because TL's fucking rock.

    It's a cult own one is to love one.


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      I have one. what would you like to know. That is not a deal dennis sells the box for 200 us any ways but atleast it is in stock!

      Any questions ask away


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        I heard something about the stock air box MODDED does about the same?
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          1. How is the quality
          2. Does the aribox fit well into the bike
          3. Does you butt dyno confirm any performance gain
          4. What air filters do you have to use
          5. Did you also buy the air ducts that Hermit produces?


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            1. quality is excellent
            2. fit with no problems(vacum lines were a little trick to figure out how to run properly)
            3.butt dyno definately says yes, mid to high rpm is improved down low say below 3500 is actualy a loss.
            4. I am using the ru1700k/n's for now Im still trying to figure out somethig better.
            5. yes, I bought the extended versions(like the yosh superbike)

            Overall I was impressed with it. Dennis is a great guy to deal with, slow with emails though.

            Any other ?? just shoot away