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  • First oil change

    Just changed the oil in my tlr for the first time. Decided to go with Castrol R4 full synthetic (always had good luck with it in my gsxr). Owners manual says the bike holds 3.5 qts. I only put in 3 and it's right at the top line in the sight window. For a oil and filter change does that sound about right? I thought it might take closer to 3.2 or 3.3 qts. Thanks.
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    I ran 3 quarts last time and the shifting was really notchy. On the last oil change I went 3.5 and it shifts a lot better. I'd add a little more
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      Is the bike upright. Did you let it run and watch the window? I also only put 3 a tad bit more in my baby.
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        Did you get the oil warm first? did it all drain I just changed mine and it took 3.3
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          I just changed mine and i only put in 3...could be that you didnt drain all of it...just check it for the next couple of days and add more if needed

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