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  • Nology wiring

    I installed Nology wiring on my TLR, I installed the wires and Amplifiers. I really didnt notice a difference in performance.

    Did anyone else notice a difference? I actually think it was a waste of money.

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    I could be wrong, but it seems to me the Nology setup is a better mod for two stroke engines. Basically it acts as a capacitor, creating a shorter but higher intensity spark.

    My buddy has a Nology cap on his 80cc shifter kart that revs to bazillions of rpm, it seems to run cleaner and harder on top with it.
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      I dont know, Nology claims you will feel a difference of some sort and I notice none!!!


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        Hey, can you tell me what the whole install required and the cost?


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          The install is simple. Two amplifiers come with the pack along with the plug wires. You run the amplifiers in line each with the coils, they give you all the hard ware required to install it. All you do is tap into the power wires on each coil and ground it and your done. Then for plug wires just install those and each come with a ground wire which have to be grounded. Took me about an hour cause you have to lift your tank and air box. You can probaby do it without lifting the airbox but it makes life easier for your hands if you pull it. And thats it. It was 120.00 bucks for the whole system.


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            Re: Nology wiring

            where did u get them,that the set up was $120? please tell me bike isn't getting full spark under 3500 rpms.


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              Re: Nology wiring

              This thread is over three years old so you might want to start a new one.
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