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  • It Happened!

    My TLS was stolen!!!! Probably Saturday night after 10pm early sunday morning from Henrietta, NY

    I kept it garaged and locked with a disc lock and steering locked. There was a yellow and black F4I unlocked and ready to be taken next to it, but was left behind!!!

    My info and info on the bike!

    Jarrett Hobbs
    Green 1997 TL1000S

    Mods include:
    Full YOSH RS3 race exhaust
    GSXR 750 6 piston calipers
    Stainless steel Glafer front lines
    Pryamid Carbon fiber hugger
    Carbon fiber tank cover
    Intuative black frame sliders
    fan switch mod
    Scotts oil filter
    EBC HH's all around
    ONE LITER DUCK EATER stickers on the tail
    Flush mount signals in the front
    Pro grip - gray colored grips

    Please PM me if you come across this. I am hearbroken!

    Really, this bike was my life, any of you who personally know me, know that this bike was all I really cared for besides my girlfriend!

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    That sucks. Sorry to hear about it. Did you have any insurance on it. Any clues on how they got it out with the disk lock on? They would have had to drag or carry it yeah?

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      I didn't have theft on it. My bike was kept in a row of garages and someone jumped over from the next car port and opened the garage door, dragged it for about a foot to two feet and lifted it. I don't know what to even do, filed a report.


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        I freakin hate thieves. Just because they are too lazy or too stupid to be able to legally get their own bike.
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        No really,i see them all the time. I put them in my ambulance.


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          I hope you find them and beat the living piss out of them!
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            That sucks

            Not to make light of the situation, but it is kinda funny how they ignored an unlocked f4i...


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              That really sucks

              Death to theives
              Hope this works out for you man.


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                Sorry to hear about that, damn theives
                SOLD! 2002 Suzuki TL1000R - Blue/White
                Two Brothers Exhaust - YAFMS Remap - Ohlins Rear Shock - FSMD Undertail - Rear Hugger - No-Cut Frame Sliders - Custom Airbrushed Solo Tail Cowl


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                  We should be allowed to stone thieves to death!
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                    Thanks fellas! I really don't know what to say!! Riding is my life, I live for the rev! The corners, the sound, the props you get for owning a TL!

                    If I could even come close to how I really feel and explain it, I'd have the world's problems solved, but like that, I can't


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                      ouch on the insurance



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                        damn that sucks. ill spred the word down here in nyc.since there so many of them mofos out here.and they dont like to schitt were they eat.they travel out of town.but from the sounds of it they mustve been watching your bike for a while in order to know where it was and how to take around were bike groups hang out
                        MY MODS:
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                            dam my heart goes out to you. I also don't carry theft insurance and if I were to find my bike was stolen, I would probably cry.
                            Wish they had some type of data tracking for bikes location.
                            I know nothing about bikes.


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                              That sucks hope it will work out for you and that the bike will turn up. There seams to have been a lot of these things going on
                              Originally posted by TLCURT
                              Because TL's fucking rock.

                              It's a cult own one is to love one.